Why producer City Drumboy is the new future of Ugandan music

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Is City Drumboy the new face of Ugandan music? Absolutely YES and here is why.

In this article, I will share with you the journey of City drumboy and why everyone is talking about him. City Drumboy is a music producer from Uganda who is so passionate about his job. He has worked alongside other producers, for example, Nessim Pan Production and others. However here we give you more light why City drumboy is the new Light and the future of Ugandan music.

First things first, who is City Drumboy in the first place?

City drumboy is a young sound engineer music producer based in Uganda.

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What drove you into the direction of Music production?

Well, thanks for this great question, what drove me to the direction of music production is because of passion. In addition, there is a saying that goes “your passion is your profession”.

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I really want to change the sound so that the music of Uganda does not become monotonous, that’s why I had to pick up myself and come and put a positive challenge into the Ugandan music Industry.

Why do you think City Drumboy is the future of Ugandan music?

From day one, the Ugandan music industry has been growing from step to step up to now which is a great thing. However, City Drumboy is the new future of Ugandan music simply because he has a new sound and he falls in all music directions or categories. I am also dynamic in a way that I flow with all music genres for example hip hop, RnB and so on.


What do you base on to feature Ugandan music artists?

The entire production process of music is so natural. Let’s say for instance I wake up early in the morning with a happy feeling, I get to the studio and try to exploit the happiness out of me.

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In addition and create something really new out of it. Artist selection is based on the individuals that I think can understand what I am aiming for and be able to dig out their expressions.

What is your relationship with other music producers?

My relationship with other music producers has not been bad because I actually met all the producers that you can think to have today. In addition, that’s when I was starting up however it was also the time when they were still finding their dreams too. If I am to remember very well, I met a producer by then called Mozart. Secondly, I met with Washington and I made sure I created a strong relationship with all of them.

Meanwhile, I have met with other music producers on the land, for example, Daddy Andre, Nessim, Artin, Ronnie who writes for Bebe Cool. I don’t have any problem with Ugandan producers in general only if it’s them with problems with me. However, the only challenge with Ugandan producers is that they feel they work alone which I feel is not a good thing. In conclusion, I don’t have any problem with Ugandan producers.

What should the audience expect from City Drum boy?

The audience should expect a lot from me because I am trying to bring in a lot of ideas, new projects like hot projects. I am also now looking at working with international artists. I am looking forward to working with Burna Boy, artists in the US, Diamond Platinumz. Above all, I need to first merge all artists in East Africa and the whole of Africa. This is because I want Ugandan music to get to an International level.

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I do respect the fact that Eddy Kenzo has played his part very well to lift Ugandan music to the rest of the world. In addition, I believe a lot more has to be done and I will try my best to bring in new talent that has the zeal for music. In fact, that’s why I named my record label Young Generation Entertainment and in line, I am working with Felista de superstar Uganda. I am hoping to work with Ring rapper, Fresh Kid, etc. I have worked with Ezekiel and Esther the winners of East Africa has got talent. In conclusion, I am focusing on young talent because it is the future of Ugandan music. In reference to the current hit songs from the big artists in the industry, it’s the young people writing for these people.



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