Why Families and Marriages break up and struggle

  1. Marriages are not focused on, they only look at weddings in our communities. Never mind more on ceremonies but short on substance.

2. In community, people do gossip and talk more about people who messed up marriages and celebrate little of the marriages that are thriving. When we pay more attention to negativity, negativity becomes the norm.

3. A lot of us grew up in broken homes and so we don’t know how to build a home. It had brought incubate in an environment of drunkenness, fear, abandonment, fights, and abuse. Unlearn this.

married couple struggling

4. A lot of people go through a lot during dating before marriage, entering into marriage with pain. Heal from your past.

5. The boy-child who was rejected or taught that a man’s worth is the money he makes grows up to marry a girl-child. In addition, to making her own money, has emotional, professional and mental power leading to a clash of genders. Especially when the man feels insecure and the woman becomes argumentative. We have to learn better gender relations.

6. The beauty of sex, sexual desires has become so easy to get and easy to explore that its beauty in marriage. However, have bought down leading to heartbreaks. Restore the beauty and sacredness of love-making.

7. Weak foundations because dating, courtship and pre-marital preparations are shallow. If you want a marriage that lasts a lifetime, build a strong foundation before you start it.

8. Lots of people have been getting married without knowing themselves or loving themselves, getting further lost in marriage. When two lost people marry each other, chaos happens. Know yourself before you marry.

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