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Just like I had thought, Danny was the best man in this world. He immediately found a job even before graduation. However, I was scared of losing him to some of his workmates. He was irresistible. He made it a routine to keep in touch with me. Sometimes, when I could text, and he delays to respond. I would become unsettled and refuse to talk to me. He never let me get mad at him for long. and the same applied to me.

We had our own misunderstandings, but we knew how to solve them best, without necessarily parting ways. I wished Bellah too could find the right person like me… she was always on and off with her boyfriend, he hurt her, but she still brought him back, he cheated on her, and always came up with the same excuses…” the lady tempted me, honey, please don’t leave me”…

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Next time it would be ” all men are naturally weak, I try resisting the temptation, but I fail…for this once, I’m promising u, my love. I will never do it again”. I was proud of Bella, despite all these, she never thought of cheating on her boyfriend. She remained strong through it all, though sometimes she could break down and cry so hard that I would end up crying with her too.

But the next morning, she would be so calm and lively as if nothing had happened. that was my Bellah. I was now in my final year on campus. Danny visited me twice in a week and took me out on dates on weekends. Other times, we could just feel like remaining indoors, and still play the little games we used to play, though Kenz presence was greatly missing. ” do u hear from Ken” I asked Danny.

“Ken traveled to the united states for his studies. He told his parents the course he had been pursuing wasn’t good for him. He wanted to be a doctor instead.” I was surprised. so Ken was no longer in the country! ” how did u know?” ” our friendship might have fallen apart, but our families remained strongly attached to each other” I was happy for Ken.

It was great to know that he was now happy away from us. And I imagined he had a white girlfriend,,, lol… ” I want to marry you after your graduation” Danny interrupted my thoughts. ” What! did u just propose to her?” Bellah shouted. ” This is not the kind of proposal I want Danny, take me on a date, get down on your left knee, ask to marry me,” I said, jokingly.

“Problem u watch a lot of movies nowadays” and the rest of the evening was full of fun. Saddest moments walked in when it came time for him to leave, but he encouraged me that we would soon be together, for eternity. I read hard for my exams, and at my graduation party, I introduced Danny to my parents. They were glad to know him, and I could read it from Mama’s eyes that she had liked my choice.

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