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Ken was admitted to Kampala international hospital after a few days. I became so stressed allover. he had caught a fever that night we parte…..d. I was to blame. why had I used him? why had I brought him close? why had I turned him down yet even the man I wanted hadn’t shown any interest in me. Danny invited me to go we visit him, but I refused. Bellah encouraged me.

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She lent me a shoulder to lean on, she told me it was nowhere my fault… and that all would be well. the next day I talked to Danny, he told me Ken had told him that he didn’t want to see him visit again and that he was fine with it. End of semester exams came our way, My Danny was soon Leaving. would I ever see him again? how would life be the next two years without him? Ken missed out on the exams.

He swore never to return to Kyambogo. I was now blaming myself less, all that he was doing was because he wanted to. actually, he knew his parents had lots of money and they could do whatever he wanted them to do. Kenz being a way opened a gap for me to be close again to Danny throughout the examination time. although he was no longer that free with me. he talked less and smiled often.

Most of the time, he was covered up in deep thoughts and whenever I asked whether he had anything bothering him, he told me everything was fine. after the exams, he invited me over for their finalist party. I attended, together with Bellah. he asked me for a dance during the Jukebox game when it landed on him and was asked to dance his best song with the most beautiful girl in the room. he held me so tight without breath.

Soon, I found myself lost in his embrace. here was I, dancing with the man of my dreams, everyone watching. “I LOVE YOU LYNN” the four words knocked me down like a dream. I pulled myself away from him and stared agape. it was as if we were in some kind of drama play with the audience around us waiting for what would happen next. the words, he had whispered in my eyes, the shock in my eyes attracted the attention of the rest.

Danny kept looking at me as if he too wasn’t believing that he had finally said it out… ‘Yea, I love you, and iv always has done so.” this he said out loud. I had prayed for this all along, but I hated it that it had come this way. I became confused about what to do next. Walked away from the dance floor, picked my handbag and slowly walked out of the party hall, with Bellah following behind me. I was all sweating all over by the time I reached the hostel and had a long shower.

When I returned, Bellah kept staring at me without a word, and she laughed out of the blue. ” you see! what a surprise! baby girl, wake up, he has finally said it.” I read a lot of excitement in her voice. I stared at myself in the mirror, and then turned towards her. “why now? has he separated with whoever girl he was pushing out with and now he remembers me? or he was too shy asking himself how a full guild president would be seen pushing out with a fresher? why now, when he is leaving? ah…

Bellah, this whole thing is fishy seriously…now, how does he expect me to live without him? I am just feeling…” a knock on the door came in, thus interrupting my rhetoric questions. and he came in… for the first time, I looked at him like a stranger, like someone I had not and had never known for all this long. ” Lynn, there is no truth in whatever questions u asking yourself. am not the shy type, and confident enough to approach a girl when I want her, but u were my friend, my beloved friend, I was always scared that u would turn me down, and that was my biggest worry…

Until u and Ken began seeing each other and moving out… i almost gave up on u…” ” These two have never seen each other” Bellah responded. ‘Lynn,” he came and knelt before me, the same thing that Ken had done. he touched my chin and made me look at him. ‘Tell me u love me too.”….i nodded my head negatively. ” No Danny, I don’t love you.” he held my left hand tentatively, and stared at the tattoo of my name. “look into my eyes and tell me u don’t love me” I smiled and looked into his eyes. ‘If only u knew Danny if only u knew that iv always had strong feelings for u!” he kissed me, and Bellah dashed out of the room….

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