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Cyclone times brings you when fate walked in part 3 by Lynn. Kindly read, enjoy, comment and share with loved ones.

I moved with Ken more frequently than usual, and at most times, I made it a routine to avoid Danny. I now talked to him with less interest and wasn’t so much interested in his conversations anymore. But something was scaring me too deep. Kenny’s feelings were driving towards me at a high rate, he could hold my hand most times and fail to let it go.

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Other times, he could hug me and wouldn’t want to let go. And sometimes when I could touch him playfully, his breath could become abnormal. Until he admitted that he loved me, he wanted me, and that all along he had wanted to tell me but always feared I was in love with Danny. ” But you know it ain’t true,” I told him. “Yeah..yeah…but Danny no longer talks to me these days.” he sadly told me.

I thought I had read this, and blamed myself. but why would I bla,e myself anyway, yet its Danny who wasn’t courageous enough to talk to me, and open to me about his feelings”. Why would he do that, u guys have been friends since year one, you’ve come along way. Your now finalists and the world out there holds much more for u guys than u can imagine”.

“I told him I loved you…’ “You did!!!!!!’ “yes because he is my best friend, I never thought he could also be having hidden feelings for u” I was sad but happy at the same time. Happy that I was hitting hard on Danny. Soon enough, he would come to me, and I could say yes without haste. and on the other hand, I was sad for Ken, here he was, pouring out his whole self to me, I could see the pain ion his eyes of losing his friend”. Does it mean I would be the cause of u guys separating?” I asked him with concern.

“No, Danny and I will be fine, for now, let’s concentrate on us, I love u Lynn”. I did agree, Ken had it all, but my feelings could not anywhere match his… my mind, my thoughts, my whole self were with Danny. I missed him, I wanted him, I missed his company. And they would be going away soon. end of semester exams was nearing, they would both leave me behind and go away… That was inexpressibly sad.

I talked to Bellah about him. she smiled. “I like Ken, more than Danny… when u and Danny love each other, u all give birth to albinos” ” your stupid”, I told her and threw a pillow towards her. “Anyway, kidding, just follow your heart pretty….Remember, we are just using Ken to bring sense into Danny, to teach him that whatever u want, go for it.” I had asked Ken to give me some time to think about it, but I didn’t need any time.

I knew I would be lying if at all I gave him hope. we met up that evening around the peace park. He wore a huge smile on his face, he was too excited to know what I was to tell him. “Ken, I….you know u have been such a beautiful friend to me, and iv always talked to u whenever I felt so low… but the truth is….” He didn’t allow me to finish. He got up and kept staring at me. ” please don’t say no Lynn, I love you” ” yeah, I know… Ken, I like u but as a friend…”

“But why? ill do anything for u” ” I’m in love with someone else.” he got down on his knees and held my left hand. ” You-are-in-love-with-someone-else. mind me knowing who the lucky guy is?’ I gave out a hard breath and stared him straight in the face. ” I’m in love with Danny.”

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