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Since then, Danny became that close person to me that I never imagined I would have. He picked me up most times from campus, and we could walk down to Ntinda, together with his best friend Kenny and Bellah. Life was fun, having these guys around us at all times. On weekends, we could all converge at Dannyz hostel, and watch a lot of movies.

This went on for a full semester, with Danny and Kenny, Bellah and I never felt like we were really freshers. Some people termed me as the first lady, as girls in my course looked at me with envy. Nevertheless, did they know that Danny and I were just friends?

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It was also shocking to me, burning inside of me. Each and every day that passed by. I hoped Danny would open up to me about his feelings but all in vain. He cared for me and treated me like a real princess. We played, hugged and danced, and at the end of it all, I always hoped he would finally tell me that he wanted me, but this never happened.

I died with a strong passion inside of me. Maybe I wasn’t that pretty for him, maybe he had a girlfriend somewhere. ‘Open up to him Lynn, tell him u love him” Bellah told me, but this was my first experience in love. How would I start? how would he look at me? why would it be me to go for him, rather than him coming in for me? I became so lost in thoughts each and every other day that passed until I felt I could hold it no more.

The only solution was to limit my friendship with Danny. Because it all seemed like he wasn’t the right man for me, it seemed like I wasn’t the type of girl he wanted. I talked to Kenny and told him that life was becoming hard for me, and I would be going home for some few days. ” did u talk to Danny about it?” he asked me. “why should i? is it a guarantee that I have to tell Danny whatever is happening in my life?”

I asked him rudely something that scared him off. ” you see, Ken, I’m just confused, stressed, but I’m glad I have you people as my friends, I mean, u and Danny”. I felt like opening up to him, telling him how I felt towards his friend, but the way he looked at me made me feel kind of flirting. “does Danny have a girlfriend?’ i asked him… “right question to the wrong person.” he responded with o much interest.

“Are u interested in him?’ he asked me. “No, no, come on, I was just asking.” I took a few minutes to stare at Kenny. I had never realized that he was this handsome. He had a small cat-like head with round eyes and a very sharp pointed nose. I had always paid more attention to Danny, perhaps because he was brown like me…but as I sat with Kenny, I realized I could find something to hit on Danny…

I talked to Bellah about it. she bought the idea. I would use Ken to get Danny, yeah, I made up my mind to bring Ken closer to me than Danny, and the game just worked outright.

End of when Fate walked in part 2

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