When Fate walked in part 1

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For all my lifetime, I have grown up as the only child to my parents. My mama, a chocolate skinned medium-sized lady and my papa a very tall dark-skinned handsome man, with a humorous appearance. However, I look no near to my parents since am too brown with a single dimple on my right cheek. something else, which is unique on me is the fact that I bear a tattoo of my name on my left arm.

Beautiful Venge Episode 1

When I asked my parents why they told me they just thought it would look good on me and match my colour too. my parents sent me to the best single schools in Uganda, and finally, when it reached time for me to join university, I was taken to Kyambogo where I pursued a Bachelors degree in microfinance. Campus life opened large gates for me to explore on what life had for me in matters regarding love.

It’s at the university that I met my crush, the first man I ever fell in love with me. Danny and I met on my first day at the campus. I was stuck, together with my high school best friend Bella on where Rac building was since it was we were supposed to have our first lecture from. Danny was in a group of boys and girls engaged in a funny kind of chat since they were all laughing, and we decided to approach them for help.

The girls directed us to the washrooms and as we were heading there completely green about this. Danny came following us and took us to the right lecture room. I had no slight idea that the tattoo on my arm would cause me both sweet and bitter memories, as I expected only sweet memories from it.

The fact that everyone would look at me, and admire or guess my name would have brought a smile on my face, and that’s why I was dressed in a short round red sleeveless dress. Our first lecturer was a short and stout man who had a moustache and bald head. He entered and rather than making us introduce ourselves, he asked for only virgin girls to introduce themselves. All of us remained sitting, eye struck on him.

“You mean we have no virgin mary here?” he asked ” we have” a fat boy from behind me shouted. “who?” he asked. “Lynn” all eyes turned on me, and it was quick for the lecturer to guess it was me. ” yes Lynn, do u believe you’re the only virgin mary here?” I remained silent. “do u have a boyfriend” I turned and stole a glance at Bellah who made me a d=sign to say yes, to which I did.

” Hmm, interesting.” the lecturer replied, looking me up and down and then proceeded with his lecture. I felt hatred towards the fat boy who had spat out my name and the moment the lecture ended. Felt like jumping onto the boy and hitting him so badly to which I did not do. I just rested my head onto the table, and heard Bella whisper in my ears. ” look at the board” gosh, the fat boy had written my name everywhere, with questions like is Lynn really a virgin?

Who is her boyfriend among others? I felt pissed and dashed out off the lecture room, where I bumped into Danny. ” are u okay?” he asked me and then he was interrupted by the noise inside the room. He entered and saw everything for himself and ordered the class to keep quiet. We had no slight idea that he was the current guild president. “what is going on here?” He asked. All the students looked at him straight without saying a word.

He read thoroughly what was written on the board. How many of u want to know Lynnz boyfriend?’ he asked and the fat boy raised up his hand. whatever this boy wanted from me, God knew. Several other hands rose. “I am her boyfriend, any more questions?’ “lier’ a voice from behind rose out. ” prove it,” the fat boy said. I stood, staring at the ground.

“Kiss her,” another one said and all voices arose in unison with the hymn kiss her. Danny turned towards me, “forgive me, dear, just a slight peck to make them leave u alone”. He pecked me on the cheek and they all clapped excitedly. Later on, that day as we headed back to our hostel, I got hold of Bellaz hard and pressed it so hard. I guessed I was in love…for the very first time.

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