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When Fate walked In part 6

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I awoke when in Nsambya hospital. mama and papa were beside me. ” where is Danny?’ i asked. ” he left.” I started crying. I was feeling a strong pain in my heart…very strong that I couldn’t control it. and then heartburn. I started crying. I let free all the tears that I held inside since the time we Left Dannyz place.

When Fate Walked In Part 6
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Mama encouraged me to be strong, that nothing would change. but which nothing would change? was she looking at Dannyz side and me? did she think of the time we had wasted on each other? I was now out of myself. I blamed both Dannyz and my parents for being this too heartless. Felt something stuck in my throat, and it made me feel like puking…mama rushed to call the doctor, and he appeared after a few minutes. “hi Lynn.” my mouth fell open. it was Ken. I found myself guilty once again.

all the campus memories came flooding back like rain. but he was smiling and seemed not to be bothered at all. “Lynn, all accept the medication I’m going to give you, and all will be fine with u soon dear.” ” Does the doctor know u? you two seem like u know each other?’ papa asked. “I know him. he is Dannyz best friend.” I was discharged from the hospital the next morning. but I didn’t want to return home.

I begged mama to stay around and have some time with Ken, to which they accepted. he asked for permission to be off and he drove me to Serena for breakfast. ” what happened Lynn?’ he asked me. ” Danny is my brother.” the tea he was sipping almost shocked him. ” how?’ i narrated to him the whole ordeal…and how I felt per now. ” I could help u overcome it all…and will just do it for the love I had for u, and maybe for the love, I still have for u.” ” you mean u are not married yet?”

“What would be the reason for me getting married, yet the person I wanted had shunned me?” ” I’m sorry. how will u help?’ ” during the time I was in the united states, I never ever felt like coming back here…so I applied for citizenship there to which I succeded. but later, dad called me back here for this job. but any time ill has to go back home. Uganda is not my home anymore…United stated is the home for the broken-hearted. it will turn your frown into your smile… so I wanna take u there…by the time u return, you’ll be a changed person.” I didn’t give this a second thought…

I bid my parents farewell and asked them to greet me Danny and Bellah, and my other mama. I stayed with Ken in the united states for four years without coming back home, and for all that time, I was wondering how people waste a lot of time with the wrong people and send away the right ones. we had a civil wedding and we had twins who were now three years old. “Guess we should go to Uganda this Christmas. a lot must have happened in our absence’ ken told me. it was such a great idea.

and all the way back home, I couldn’t wait to meet all my people. we reached in Uganda on Christmas eve. and we started from the home I had grown up in. we knocked, and a young boy, about three years opened for us, then Bellah came following behind. we ran into each otherz arms. ” what are u doing here Bellah? I asked. she also had a ring on her finger… Danny appeared after her, and when we walked into the main room, they were all converged there.


Mama had announced to all that I was returning home…and they had all decided to surprise me. ” we became one family ever since u left” Dannyz mom, my mom told me. I hugged all of them and introduced my husband to them. Danny and Kenny hugged each other so hard. Bellah and Danny had got married after one year, and they had a boy as their first, the boy that had opened for us. later that night, I sat outside in the shade, staring at the stars in the sky.

Fate had walked in and took away from the man I thought had been the man of my dreams, it had walked in, and taught me several lessons that deeply remained engraved on my heart….

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