Weasel Vows to Keep Goodlyfe Banner Up 

Musician Douglas Mayanja aka Weasel TV in intense psychological pain after the passing of his Music partner Moses Ssekibogo alias Mowzey Radio on Thursday February, 2018 at Case hospital after  allegedly engaging in a brawl at Entebbe’s de Dar, south of Capital Kampala.

Yesterday, Friday the lonely Goodlyfe singer, Weasel TV posted on their social media account “Radio and Weasel” saying “The King has gone.”

“I met him, we promised each other heaven and earth, [we have] travelled the whole world, now the king has gone,” Weasel said.

While addressing mourners at Kololo, he promised music fans that he is to keep the fire burning even in the absence of his fallen vocalist partner.

He added that he has new hits that will put a smile on the fallen Mowzey Radios’ soul.

About Weasel

Weasel started as an independent artist who released unpopular solo projects (songs), till his first collaboration with his brother Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleon “Bomboclat” that caught fans attention though his profile remained low.

He (Weasel) and the fallen Mowzey Radio became backing vocalists for the Leone Island boss Chameleon but later broke off from the crew to form Goodlfye team under Jeff Kiwa till 2014 when they replaced him with Chaggaman.

The duo produced a lot of successful songs starting with Nakudata, Lwaki Onumya, “Zuena”, “Nyambura” and Bread and butter.  The partnership made award winning RnB and Afro Beat songs like Neera, Ntuunga and others.

However, now that the duo has collapsed because of the passing of Mowzey Radio, what next for Weasel TV?

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