Ugandan Kids Change Music

Waka Kids dancing Spice Diana’s “Anti Kale” sensational song


Ugandan children have continued to set new trends in Uganda music industry a thing that has offered it a wider exposure outside the country.

With their dancing styles in which they involve all their body parts in processes of performing attract many people to watch their music.

                                                                              Waka star kids dancing Anti kale song.

According to YouTube information, songs with kids’ participation have captured many people’s attention both within and outside Uganda which brought momentum industry.

Eddy Kenzo’s Sitya loss paved the way for kid dances and stood and still stands on the platform (YouTube) with 882,000 views in only three years followed by Spices Diana’s “Anti Kale” performed in which WAKA stars were involved has 61,000 viewers in three months, and a cover video of Ykee Benda’s superman song with 9,000 views within two weeks.

 Kids and Eddy Kenzo Dance to Sitya Loss song

Kids dance set the stride when they helped Big Talent boss to win  the Black Entertainment Television – BET award for the Sitya loss sensational song.



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