Eli Katunguka: Tundulu was impeached but not removed from the office

The Vice-Chancellor Kyambogo University Prof. Eli Katunguka has on 9th December 2019 confirmed that the Varsity’s elected Guild President Tundulu Jonathan was impeached but not removed in the office.

Katunguka revealed this during the 16th Graduation ceremony press conference held at Kyambogo University.

“The case of our students’ leadership, we have had a few challenges as you are aware. The Guild President was impeached but not removed in the office that means the GRCs moved a vote of no confidence against him and said they will not work with him.

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Attempts have been made for reconciliation but he has had a very difficult stance, he isn’t willing to apologise to his colleagues because he offended them when he said that they were brided with money to the tune of Ugx 13m person and the allegation, of course, were involving me that I am the one who facilitated them to move a vote of no confidence,” Eli Katunguka Said.

Eli Katunguka

“So, as we talk the Guil President was impeached but not removed in office because the process involves calling a general referendum of all the students to decide he should leave the office or not and that is another electoral process and we had not budgeted for that and with IFMS if you didn’t budget for an activity you can’t carry it out. However, the activities of the guild are continuing by working with the Vice President, GRCs and the Dean of Students,” He added.

The students’ activities are continuing and the president is recognised to be in office but not effective.

The students’ guild constitution stipulates that a vote of no confidence can be moved in an individual and it was moved against Tundulu as a president, not a cabinet and when this happened Tundulu moved to disband the cabinet and he was told his no longer in power.

I am glad to see that the university has continued running normally, we have had exams, the semester has ended. We are in the next semester and the programme for the next semester is the conductor of fresh guild elections.

Tundulu was impeached in October 2019. His impeachment emerged from what his cabinet termed as a lack of leadership skills and mismanaging the institution.

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