The Stranger I met in a Taxi part 3

the stranger i met in a taxi

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I couldn’t believe my eyes. couldn’t stop wondering about how he had got to my house… “Charles!” I exclaimed, how did u get here? as in, who told u I stay here? he stared at me, and as if realizing I was offended by his appearance at my home, he pleaded with a sorry and then asked me whether I could let him in.

Since he had helped me the previous night, I decided not to harden my heart towards him. My room was laddish kind of so I didn’t really lack a single seat chair for my visitors. ” how did u get here? ” I asked him again, with a shaky voice. ” am sorry Lynn.

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I came asking where Lynn stays, and I described u to most of the people I met. Since u had told me u branch off from the other junction, I knew your home would be somewhere near here. A young kid, I think from your neighbor next door, brought me here. She calls u aunt Lynn, Not so?” he smiled. I loved seeing him smile.

I rarely met men who smiled, portraying dimples on their cheeks. ” but why are u here… u no I don’t know much about u.” I said ” Yeah…yeah… but I thought of your situation the whole of last night and thought I could help u more.” This was now becoming too much for me to handle. Help me much, as in, how? “I had only come to drop this for u…” He handed me a Samsung J2 phone. Now, this was much more pretty and great compared to my Tecno W3 which had a scratched screen. this was brand new.

I stared at it before holding it in my hands. “Charles..u didn’t have to do this. I’m fine…ill get a new phone soon” I said, Lynn, this is out of a good heart, don’t be scared of me…Make the stranger u met in a taxi last night your friend and you’ll have no regrets” he got up, leaving the phone on my bed beside it a small piece of paper with an airtel number written on. ” That’s my number in case u replace your line. Have a good day” I watched him walk out of my house like as if he had been my daily visitor here.

No sooner had he disappeared than I got the phone and quickly made a quick search through the apps. that same morning, I rushed to Lugogo and swapped my line. I was back on the air. I kept staring at the number Charles had left behind the rest of that day, wondering whether to call him or not. Sunday came and went. I prayed that he would show up at my place again, but he didn’t. I saved his number into “my phonebook” but tried dialing it and could only stop on the way.

At work, and back home I kept thinking about him. this lasted for two weeks. Charles wasn’t appearing anywhere at my place. while in the taxi, I could always look around perhaps, to see him but all in vain. until one Saturday night that I made up my mind. I went into my inbox and texted him ” hi Charles, this is Lynn.

Thanks for everything and may God reward u” I received a response instantly from him saying he had always waited for this moment… and thank God, it had come. ” mind having dinner at a place of your choice tonight?” he asked. I hesitated to reply. he called and I failed to pick. I then texted ana “okay” to him. that night, we met up at collins hotel in Mukono. one of the unforgettable memories I will always hold at heart.

Charles and I behaved like as if we had known each other for too long, we jazzed, laughed, and played with each other’s food and snacks. he told me a lot about himself and so did i. by midnight, we were walking back home. I knew I was a little tipsy and couldn’t move by myself. He took me home, whispering a lot of sweet nothings to me… I slept off in his arms. I awoke the next morning alone in my bed. in was scared.

My heart was pumping at a high rate. I tried as much as possible to recall whether anything had happened between me and Charles but my memory only stopped at me pulling out the key, opening my door, letting him in and later falling asleep in his arms… my phone was well laid on the table.

I got it all, dialed his number only to receive ” the number you have dialed is kindly switched off, please try again later” voice. Looked around for any sight of condoms but all in vain. I gave out a heavy outcry…loud and heavy; like thunder…. and my only wish was for God to intervene.

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