The Stranger I Met in a Taxi part 2

the stranger i met in a taxi

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“you stay around? ” he asked me and I responded affirmatively. We were still routed at the same spot, then I made a move, and he too did the same. ” I, too, stay around…he paused and then continued. ” you see, I understand how u feeling, but all will be okay” I nodded my head and moved slowly and silently. He walked beside me and when I reached the junction that heads to my single-roomed house, I made a sudden stop.

For how long was this man going to move with me? was he up to something for something or what? why the hell couldn’t he go his way and my own too? ” I’m branching off from here,” I told him feigning a smile. ” Oh, too early, was just enjoying moving beside you. glad UV reached well.” he said ” thanks once again and have a good night,” I said and started moving away. ” wait..miss..”

I turned and looked at him. what now? what did he want at this juncture? ” I’m called Charles, and you?” ” I’m Lynn,” I said and he handed me his right hand for a handshake. Before I realized, he was in my arms, giving me a hug. A hug that drove a certain kind of sensation within me that I hadn’t felt in a lifetime.

What I felt ran like an electric shock all throughout my body until I pulled myself away from him. ” Got to go,” I said and we parted ways. good enough, the next day was a Saturday. I would rest all my stress off. making sure that no one was following me, i got into my house and without haste locked myself in. the sad moments of that day disappeared like thin air out of my head, and instead, I began thinking of this stranger.

This man in a grey suit who had bailed me out of my situation. and the hug, God!!!!!!!!!!!! i got down on my knees and looked at the mother Mary portrait on my reading table. was this the man? the man of my dreams? the man i had been waiting for after a sudden heartbreak from my ex-boyfriend six months back? maybe he was, maybe he was my Mr. right. I smiled upon the thought of the hug…a hug that had made me yearn for a man after such a long time.

A hug, that had driven out all my hidden sexual feelings from their hiding place, I pulled myself up and took a glass of water. it took me two good hours to finally sleep. and down to dreamland I went… in a lonely deserted island I stood, and Charles appeared, he was all dressed in white. he handed me his hand and together we walked happily, and then, he turned into a huge cow with long horns and started chasing me. I screamed so hard, tried to run but my legs couldn’t take me too far… Awoke to fight and sweating all over. Someone was knocking at my door. I rarely received visitors in the wee hours of the morning. Finally, I dressed in my robe and headed for the door, I opened. it was Charles…

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