The essential guide to Easter in Uganda.

This year Easter Sunday falls on April 1st but celebrations of the biggest religious festival of the year begin a week earlier.

Why is Easter such a big deal in Uganda?

Holy Week is the biggest religious celebration of the year in Uganda, which means public holidays, a good deal of eating and drinking and lots of processions. Easter is a time for Ugandans to take to the streets and watch elaborate reenactments of the Passion, as well as enjoy some time off work in the company of their families and friends.

What happens during Easter? 

Elaborate processions take place throughout Holy Week. Easter processions are also known as ‘penance processions’ and involve members of the brotherhood parading from their church to the Main cathedral.

To spot the start of a procession, look out for the giant cross that is always carried at the front.

Music also plays an important part in Easter processions – most are accompanied by live marching bands that play religious music.

What are they carrying? 

In most Easter processions, participants carry large floats that are adorned with religious sculptures depicting Jesus or Mary.

Where are the best places to spend Easter in Uganda?

It will depend on Your pockets and the place of your choice. for example Places like Acacia Mall, Serena Hotel, Pearl of African Hotel and many others. That will make you comfortable.

What should I eat? 

While chocolates are becoming more and more popular, they are not traditionally a big part of Easter celebrations in Uganda. But that’s not to say Ugandans don’t have special sweet treats for Holy Week. It is as usual Meat, Rice, Cake and more Food that fall in that category.

What will the weather be like? 

Ugandans will tell you “it always rains in Easter” and this year they will most likely be right as rainy weather brings a drop in temperatures and frequent showers across much of the Country. So, if you are heading to the Church, make sure to carry an umbrella.

If the thought of jostling in a crowd to glimpse a view of an Easter procession is not your cup of tea, why not check out our guide to the best alternative Easter get ways?

At Cyclone Times we wish You a Happy and a blessed Easter.




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