Tanasha Donna erases all Diamond Platinumz photos

Tanasha Donna Oketch

Tanasha Donna sharply asserted she had encountered the rage of a narcissist before social affair the mental fortitude to leave

The magnificence even erased photographs of her sweetheart Diamond Platnumz before slamming insidious men

She asserted narcissists have no spirits and encouraged ladies not to stay with such men

The mother of one said supplication and experience helped her find out about the indications of an egotistical man yet she decided to give up and let God

In the wake of tuning in to individuals advise her “mtaachana tu” for about two years, Tanasha Donna has implied she and Diamond Platnumz are done and tidied.

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The mother of one who as of late worked together with her child daddy chose to post mysterious messages about narcissists.

Tanasha Donna

The previous radio moderator at that point asked ladies to avoid narrow-minded narcissists who never observe their wrong ways.

To her, that isn’t cherished and must be named as a type of control.

To exacerbate the situation, Tanasha Donna erased all Instagram photographs of her bae. In addition, and his relatives before fuming and venting on her Instagram stories.

Not by any means, their sentimental pregnancy photoshoots were left as the dazzling Kenyan darling tidied up her internet based life account.

The delightful birthday message Tanasha Donna wrote for Diamond’s sister Esma Platnumz additionally failed like a phantom.

The new mum asserted she had a perfect heart and was fortunate a few people were shot out from her life.

The Gere vocalist asserted she took in her exercise through understanding and petition.

“A narcissist is impolite, heartless, controlling and ignores your sentiments. Narcissists like to incite negative feelings in others,” she composed

The excellence who perhaps turned into a solitary mum medium-term asserted such individuals are underhanded and they have no spirit left in them.

“It resembles hitting the dance floor with the fallen angel. Excuse them, leave and let God manage their karma,” Tanasha sharply proclaimed.

The mother of one had recently reprimanded fans who challenged brand Diamond a terrible dad or unfocused darling.

Tanasha Donna scorned any individual who implied her man couldn’t have cared less. In addition, his darlings’ sentiments promotion constantly messed with ladies’ feelings.

At a certain point, when her faultfinders asserted she and her boo were finished. In addition, and finished with, Tanasha proclaimed she and Diamond were a bundled bargain that would keep going forever.

At the point when the previous moderator propelled her collection, gossipy tidbits were overflowing her man had his organs covered somewhere down in another lady’s treat container.

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