Supercom Innovators club end of year ceremony

Kyambogo – Supercom innovators held their end of year meeting on Saturday 7th, December 2019 at Kyambogo University. Supercom Innovators club was founded in 2019 at Kyambogo University. It is currently located at Kyambogo University. At its start, it had members who had previously done their internship at Supercom Technologies for the year 2018/2019. These members were students of Kyambogo University. One of the most significant visitors was Mr. Ahabwe Rodgers who volunteered to fund some of the services during the start of the club. Mr. Ahabwe Rodgers is the director of Supercom Technologies found at Nsambya on Tirupati Mazima Mall.

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The first committee of Supercom Innovators club and still members up to date include; Mr. Kato Mike the president, Mr. Kalange John Bezaleri the vice president, Miss. Anyu Betty the general secretary, Mr. Okurut Joshua the vice general secretary, Mr. Tugume Simon the chief editor, Mr. Nsubuga Ibrahim the vice chief editor, Mr. Kakooza Ronald the director of research, Mr. Musaazi Richard the chief advertiser and the spokesperson Mr. Tumyesigye Ronnie.

supercom innovators club
Supercom innovators club members pause for a photo after the meeting

To Be a Center Of Innovations In Kyambogo University


We Make Life Simpler Using Technology


  1. To be a practical workplace for an innovator at Kyambogo University. This is to ensure that minds with the urge to innovate and get a chance to put it in practice.
  2. To be a starting ground for marketing young innovators. Through projects done and competition undertaken from outside, these young people get a chance to interact with fellow innovators, investors thus marketing oneself.
  3. To create inspiration to people outside Kyambogo University through the creativity and professionalism of the students of Kyambogo University. This will add value to our members and also out-compete other institutions.
  4. To share knowledge with other people hence increasing education about technology at Kyambogo University. This, in turn, can enable them to do projects and other practical academia required by one’s course.

About the Meeting

Various members of the innovation club presented wonderful ideas during the meeting, for example, an automated irrigation system. For more details about the different ideas presented during the meeting Contact: 0752170350/0770898879

students presenting their ideas

Supercom Innovators club
Engineer Rogers Ahabwe at the ceremony reacting on the ideas presented by students

“The main purpose of innovation is to challenge. Many students fail out on getting funders because they present common ideas to investors. This doesn’t pool enough interest to invest so much in their ideas. Therefore I advise you to think of uncommon ideas. Focus on systems that are able to handle big data” Engineer Rogers Ahabwe said.

“In Africa, we have a problem, we want to find things when they are very okay, this is a demon to our continent. However to me as an innovator, we need to change things for instance these people who say that you need to hit the nail when it’s still hot. In addition, why can’t you hit the nail until it feels it’s hot and I think Africans we can hit it? So these project ideas are very good but we need to look for uniqueness” he added

“I am pleased with Supercom Innovators club and I know challenges with students, I was a student here 2013-2016 and I was KYUCSA president. Avoid cheap or common ideas. Focus on systems that can collect statistical data that which can later be taken for analysis.

This is data can help the Government achieve proper decision making. Secondly, carry out a market survey before developing anything for the people as this will help you to know where the potential buyers of your idea will come from. In addition, carry out research about the partners who can be able to fund the idea, and choose the right team to work with and also protect your ideas.” Mukisa Vicent said.

Supercom Innovators club
Mukisa Vicent (middle) passing on a skills career guidance to Supercom Innovation Club

“In addition, go to URSB and get a copyright for your ideas because other people will steal your ideas without you benefiting from them. You need to be patient amidst having the right team and also don’t feel shy to let other people go who may not comply with the rest.

Most of you have these good ideas but when you leave university, you leave most of your ideas at the University pushing yourselves o streets claiming no jobs. Therefore, you need to be patient. I call upon you to seek guidance where need be and we are always available to streamline your careers.” Mukisa Vicent added.

“For an Innovation to be successful, you have to be passionate about it and you have to do thorough research before work commences. Also, always believe in yourself and make sure you have the right team surrounding you.

Always befriend knowledgeable people better than you in that field of research as this will make your dreams come true”, Dhikusooka Brian said.

A slide show of students receiving their Innovation club T-shirts

“The best opportunity you can ever have in life is when someone changes your mind. I love so much because today I had different commitments but I decided to spare time for this meeting. Always see yourselves in a gap where you are not. In addition, every successful person who is very rich and so intelligent has not always been a student when he is a student. Therefore it’s always a responsibility for you to know why you joined this innovation club and the University at large. If you believe why you joined this innovation club I guarantee you success because we are capable of developing these ideas.” Mr. Ahabwe Rogers concluded.

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