Sudhir Rupaleria uses Boda Boda to beat Kampala traffic

Businessman Sudhir Rupaleria has used a Boda Boda to make it for work on Wednesday after tight traffic jam in the city. Tycoon Sudhir had to hop onto a motorcycle to be at the complex in time for his work in one of his offices in kololo, Kampala. However, Sudhir Rupaleria is the richest person in Uganda according to the latest rankings.

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Boda-Boda’s are some of the country’s ubiquitous motorbike taxis. These snake through gridlocked traffic, navigate potholed roads and provide much-needed employment for young people.

They are also maiming and killing thousands every year, monopolizing hospital budgets and wiping out livelihoods.

Since they appeared on the streets of Uganda in the 1960s, the number of boda-bodas has swelled.

One recent news report estimated there were more than 300,000 bikes operating in the capital, Kampala.

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