StarTimes, MTN give PCs to schools in Mukono

StarTimes Uganda and accomplices MTN Uganda and TECNO Mobile have today given PCs to five auxiliary schools in Mukono District.

Meanwhile, the donation comes from the proceeds of the second edition of Heroes in Color Run. Also, this is a charity event organized by Tecno.

Therefore the philanthropy occasion has a team with accomplices to bring issues to light about different issues. The occasion that occurred in September 2019 under the subject “Digitalizing the Future”.


Also, the recipient schools that will each get work areas are Namilyango College, Kasawo Secondary school. In addition, Kasana Vocational School, Sir Apollo Kaggwa Senior Secondary School, and St.

Charles Lwanga Senior Secondary School. The gift is a piece of TECNO’s endeavors to contribute towards the presentation of ICT in schools.

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“The world is too advanced to even think about leaving our adolescents uneducated about digitalization. Nearly everything these days is digitalized. How about we teach people around us the advantages of carrying on with a computerized life and how best to grasp digitalizing what’s to come.” Said Shiva Zhong, Managing Director Tecno Uganda.

Hon. Dr. Chrysostom Muyingo directed the handover of the work areas to the schools.

“Legends in shading” run is Tecno’s method for saying “Together we can”.

It’s likewise a method for saying thank you to all their reliable clients, partners and well-wishers for supporting them to be the number one cell phone brand in Uganda.

“Advanced absence of education in Uganda is genuine and we perceive that reality. The current year’s Heroes in Color run was under the topic “Digitalizing the future” and we feel it’s time we gave more consideration to this since this is the place the world is going. Our longing is to see that everybody in Uganda is up to date to carry on with a superior life,” Zhong said.

“We can’t digitalize Uganda alone. So we are completely appreciative to many clients who turned up during the current year’s Heroes in Color Run. We thank our accomplices; MTN and Startimes for having faith in our fantasy and going along with us on this adventure.

We accept this is only the start of a brilliant ICT future all over Uganda”.

Zhong said that the organization chose a couple of schools in Mukono as a beginning stage on a long voyage of digitalizing the future and called upon everybody to join this adventure of digitalizing the entire Uganda.


“Saints in Color Run is a significant occasion on our Calendar, in light of its pith. It’s daily we meet with our clients for a respectable purpose.

It reaffirms our crucial, an innovative brand that has been in Uganda for near 11 years. Our energy for innovation is clear with what we have delivered throughout the years. Above all, we are here to give our clients best cell phones and be a piece of the adventure of digitalizing Uganda.” Concluded Shiva.

MTN Uganda is pleased to be a piece of this activity. Through our Corporate Social Responsibility arm;

MTN Foundation, has and keeps on being at the front line of driving ICT education in schools the nation over.

In addition, MTN Uganda has throughout the years executed a few ICT instruction themed mediations. For example, the help to KCCA financed Primary Schools, Public Libraries, ICT preparing in Vocational Institutes including St. Simon Peter situated in Hoima, Amelo Technical Institute in Adjumani and St.

Daniel Comboni in Moroto, among others. The MTN ICT Bus has come to more than 45,000 students in provincial schools in Uganda since 2013.

The MTN ICT transport is a completely furnished transport with fundamentals in ICT learning. It navigates the nation, instructing and giving handy ICT encounters to students.

“The voyage to building up our nation is a common one. That is the reason this association with Tecno is very emblematic of the decency that individuals, corporate organizations.

Also, foundations of our nation can do when we join endeavors,” said Sen Somdev, MTN Uganda acting Chief Marketing Officer.

“We’re unquestionably great all together”, he further commented.

Uganda built up its underlying ICT national approach in 2003. The arrangement system archive perceived that Uganda would need to grasp the objective of “deep rooted instruction for all.”

The approach further tends to proficiency improvement and human asset limit working with techniques that incorporate Integrating ICT into standard instructive educational programs just as other proficiency projects to accommodate fair access for all understudies paying little mind to level.

In addition, creating and overseeing ICT focuses of greatness to give fundamental and progressed ICT preparing to make reference to however a couple.

While Uganda has had huge monetary development in the course of the most recent decades, with an associative decrease of neediness, it stays perhaps the least fortunate nation on the planet.

It is, by the by, on track to meet the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) of all inclusive essential instruction and, as indicated by the 2006 National Report,2 is focused on accomplishing the MDGs of all inclusive culmination of optional tutoring by 2015 and disposal of sex uniqueness in both essential and post-essential levels.

As Uganda embraces ICT in instruction, the nation faces indistinguishable difficulties from most creating economies.

Inadequately created ICT framework, high transfer speed costs, a problematic stockpile of power. Also, a general absence of assets to meet an expansive range of necessities.

In any case, with the fast development of remote system limit and the pervasive development of cell phones, the setting of the framework is evolving. A national ICT approach is set up and an instruction part ICT strategy is before Cabinet.


The Ministry of Education and Sports is making moves to co-ordinate ICT advancement and has allotted assets to help usage of its ICT procedure.

Notwithstanding every one of these techniques by government-related of Ministry of instruction and sports, brands like TECNO and its accomplices; MTN and Startimes are encouraging in the decrease of ICT lack of education levels inside Uganda. This is by arranging such philanthropy occasions like Heroes in Color Run.

StarTimes PR Manager Cleopatra Koheirwe stated, “At StarTimes, we love to help incredible activities, for example, TECNO’s Heroes in Color Run.

A cause that has to do with offering back to society and building up the young people matters a great deal to us.

In conclusion, this is the reason we were happy to be effectively associated with supporting TECNO to “digitalize what’s to come.” There is a great deal about ICT and how everything has gone computerized nowadays which can’t be disregarded. We need to stay aware of the occasions.

So it is vital that understudies learn PC abilities and are innovatively ready so as to support themselves in this advanced period. We salute the schools getting PCs and we trust that our commitment will go far in molding their future.”

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