Sheebah Karungi officially splits with Jeff Kiwanuka

sheebah Karungi

On second February, Sheebah and Jeff Kiwa were engaged with what could be their splitting gathering. The gathering had been called by Kiwa to attempt to prevent her from revealing her own record name.

We have discovered that the gathering finished with no goals. The queen herself just held murmuring to Jeff’s solicitations and woke up on Monday with updates on her own record mark otherwise known as Karungi Establishment.

We would now be able to affirm that the business is set out toward one of the greatest fights in court ever.

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Given that all Sheebah’s music is possessed by TNS, Sheebah should look for authorization from TNS before she can sing any of her old melodies.

sheebah Karugi

Queen Karma, then again, demands that as the vocalist, she possesses these melodies. Be that as it may, proprietorship rights and understandings.


We’ve additionally discovered that there is where Jeff copyrighted the Sheebah name as a property of TNS. Consequently, Sheebah may need to get another stage name.

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