Queen Sheebah: All I have is a house on loan

Queen Sheebah Karungi

Queen Sheebah who is very nearly stopping TNS has kept on imparting her disappointments to companions.

Sheebah says in spite of the fact that she has no a lot of animosity against Jeff, she believes she is being abused.

A dear companion to Sheebah disclosed to us that one of nowadays over a puff of shisha in Munyonyo, Sheebah began to vent.

“Like truly, what else do I have as Queen Sheebah separated from this house? Indeed, even this house I built on a credit. I am as yet paying upto now. I don’t need my life to crash when I can’t sing any longer. I am not getting any more youthful.

I acknowledge Jeff manufactured my vocation. Be that as it may, at that point, I have to feel the compensations of my perspiration. Nze Queen Sheebah silina kendagawo. I buckle down, I have been on the top right now am bankrupt. Indeed, even fuel, I need to ask Jeff to refuel,” said a crying Sheebah.

Queen Sheebah

As indicated by companions, Sheebah believes that surely she is ending up being a sham as Cindy portrayed her. It is therefore that she needs to give up or possibly renegotiate her agreement. As of now it is on a 50-half. She needs it higher.

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