SATO Uganda improves community sanitation and hygiene

SATO Uganda

SATO Uganda, suppliers of brilliant and reasonable sterile arrangements, has revealed a practical answer to improve network sanitation and cleanliness.

Poor sanitation and cleanliness represent an unavoidable danger to the wellbeing and general prosperity of the network. It is connected to the transmission of maladies, for example, cholera, looseness of the bowels, diarrhea, and typhoid.

In an offer to address this, SATO Uganda has revamped and updated the pit restrooms at Emmanuel College in Kazo. In addition, Kawempe, giving them the usefulness of a flush latrine.

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Pit restrooms are reproducing reason for flies, which can convey and transmit illnesses.


Talking during the handover service on Monday, Timothy Kayondo, Country Director SATO Uganda noticed that legitimate sanitation. In addition, and cleanliness is basic in keeping the young lady youngster in school.

SATO Uganda

“Young ladies frequently drop out of school in light of menstrual issues and cleanliness among others. We accept by banding together with schools to upgrade their sanitation and cleanliness through improving. In addition, and overhauling the school toilets is one of the approaches to urge young ladies to remain in school.” Timothy Kayondo said.

As indicated by Timothy Kayondo, putting SATO Uganda skillet on the restrooms helps fend off flies. Also, it hinders the foul smell and furthermore makes it simple to clean them. The container is set straightforwardly above existing pit lavatories and works a lot of like a snare entryway. Therefore utilizing a stabilizer to remain shut aside from permitting the section of waste.

“We intend to energize different schools that are as yet utilizing pit restrooms to embrace this new arrangement. Putting a SATO container isn’t a costly endeavor since you can simply retrofit the dish on a current pit restroom with one SATO skillet costing just Ushs 15,000/=.” He included.

Kigumba Paul, the director of Emmanuel College offered thanks for the improved and revamped toilets, taking note that it will significantly improve sanitation and cleanliness around the school.

“We express gratitude toward SATO Uganda for giving improved SATO skillet to our pit toilets and furthermore redesigning them. We accept this is the best approach for all schools and urge them to likewise grasp this activity.” Paul Kigumba said.

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