Russia allows Women to Kill Rapists in Self-defence, Uganda Investigates

Vladimir Putin, the Russian president at least assent his signature on a law that allows women to kill rapists in self-defence.

Mr Putin suggested this is as a measure to curb down what he called Russian injustice against Human life. After a few weeks, the suggestion has been enacted into law and women across Russia have embraced it with hope that it will reduce on the rate at which they are being sexually assaulted.

The law came at time when rapists had made it a common practice to assault and rape women not only in Russia but world over.

This law lifts all offenses attached to self-defence meaning that so long as it is in self defence no one will be prosecuted whatsoever.

For Uganda, the criminal rate has escalated and women have been easily targeted,  raped and murdered.

On 22 January, last week, while addressing the nation at the annual judges’ conference in Kampala, Mr Museveni advocated for the re-introduction of death law as a way of ending criminality and told judges to do away with lenient punishments.

Mr Museveni said his Christian background had prevented him from going ahead with executions but this “leniency” was taken advantage of.

“I have not been assenting to hanging of convicts because of my Christian background but being lenient is causing people to think they can cause harm and go away with it,” Museveni said.

In the past years crime has risen with over 26 women murdered in four months in Entebbe Wakiso District and capital Kampala.

The police has always identified the criminals as serial offenders and pointed out that they were involved in similar cases in the past.

Mr Patrick Onyango the Metropolitan Region Spokesperson confirmed that the suspected rapist arrested from along Entebbe Road last year, accused of attempted rape was a serial criminal who had been arrested before for committing similar offences against a student at Kitooro in Entebbe, raped a banker around the same area and had been identified by a victim of his for raping her in a hotel toilet.

The accused whose name was protected claimed unstable mental health as the cause for these occurrence and little is known about this case after that.

The Penal Code Act Cap 120 stipulates that punishment for a person found guilty of rape is death and attempted rape, imprisonment for life.

Some clerics say police put more effort into targeting Mr Museveni’s political opponents than catching criminals.

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