Ring rapper Ratata I am available mp3 download 2020 and Live interviews

Ring Rapper Ratata

Ring rapper Ratata I am available mp3 download and Live interviews

Cyclone Times brings you Ring Rapper Ratata I am available mp3 and Video download, live interviews, and inspirations to the young generation.

Who is Ring Rapper Ratata?

Well, I am Senabulya Jonathan but with a stage name Ring Rapper Ratata. I started my professional musical career about 8 months back but I started my musical journey about three years ago. Also, I am a simple guy with a simple profile who is so passionate about inspiring the community through my rap music.

Ring Rapper Ratata

“I don’t compare myself with other rappers however I tend to get inspiration from most of them. In addition, for example, GNL Zamba, Fffe Bussi and Fik Fameica.

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Ring rapper Ratata, how are you different from Felista de Superstar and Fresh Kid Uganda?

Hmm, first and foremost, I need to point out this, Fresh Kid and Felista are all too good in their different music genres. I ring rapper, I am a rapper just as my name, therefore, I don’t see myself in the same category as Fresh and Felista de Superstar. Secondly, I am older than all those chaps, therefore, my musical content is by far different from that of Fresh and Felista. In addition, very many people who have listened to my music say that my content is supper mature for a guy of my age. I, however, don’t rule out the fact that Fresh Kid has amazing content that too helps to inspire the nation and the youths out there.

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What change do you bring into the music Industry most especially into the Rap Game?

Well, I won’t say that I have that new thing that has not existed before however, I want to add some spice into the music in Uganda. By the fact that that I am a fresh talent, this means I have some new ideas that I can introduce and make this rap game more interesting.

I also want to set a pace for myself as I am releasing my music. What I mean in this is I want to release music that has rich content in it. This will enable the audience to still listen to my music even after 30 years from now as the latest music. In addition, I don’t believe in making news headlines instead of music. I hate it when I see music staying just for weeks and it’s no more. In conclusion, Ring rapper Ratata is here to stay by releasing music with rich content in it.

What do you have to tell the youths out there?

I advise the youths out there to always have believed in what they do and also put God first in everything that they do. This because without the guidance of the almighty nothing can have a vision. I also want to call upon the youths to always give respect to their parents, guardians and whoever is an elder out there.

Ring Rapper Ratata

This will enable them to achieve success in whatever that they do and as well get blessings on to their works.

Meanwhile, I also call upon parents to always support their children’s talents. This is because talents can make a difference and change someone’s future or career positively



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