Rihanna reacts to Pregnancy Rumors in the New Video


Prepared for children? Rihanna humorously tended to the hypothesis that she was anticipating a kid with her sweetheart, Hassan Jameel.

In a one-on-one meeting with Vogue editorial manager in-boss Anna Wintour, the Fenty Beauty head honcho uncovered whether she was keen on having youngsters soon.

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“Rihanna, do you plan to have a child soon?” Wintour, 69, asked in a video meeting distributed on Thursday, October 9.

“I don’t consider stuff that way. Be that as it may, I don’t know … God’s arrangement,” the November spread star, 31, answered with a giggle. “I anticipate the majority of the pregnancy gossipy tidbits after this meeting.”

Somewhere else in the meeting, Rihanna affirmed that she is “dating.” That she has been “in a restrictive relationship for a long while, and it’s going truly well.”

The Barbados local as of late started pregnancy theory following her appearance at her fifth yearly Diamond Ball in September. Addressing Essence at the occasion, she discussed her arrangements to imagine.

“I’m a dark lady. I originated from a dark lady, who originated from a dark lady, who originated from a dark lady,” she said. “Furthermore, I’m going to bring forth a dark lady.”

Fans likewise estimated about the plausibility of Rihanna being pregnant crosswise over online networking.

Prior to this, Rihanna talked with Ocean’s 8 costars Sarah Paulson for Interview magazine in June about her craving to have youngsters. She said that she needed to turn into a mother “more than anything throughout everyday life.”

Rihanna has been dating Jameel, a Saudi representative, since 2017. A source disclosed to Us Weekly only that the team “see each other quite well and their characters work well together.”

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The insider additionally noticed that “they’re both so unique, yet it works for them.”

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