Police to shut down unlicensed saunas


Police have brought a plan to supervise all saunas in the country and to close those with low required standards.

This comes to after an explosion at Marcos Gym and Sauna in Kyaliwajjala, Wakiso district last week.

The explosion occurred on 16th September injured five people according to police the saunas steam boiler overheated and blow up.

In Ntida Kampala district suburban 2011and it’s said 8 people came out injured however it was another explosion.

“We have now come up with a duty to ensure that all places of sauna have occupational safety and health certificate given by the Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development. ” Fred Enanga, the police spokesperson told journalists on Monday.

Another explosion in Matugga town occurred on Saturday and it was due to high volatile liquid in a metal container.

“The projector actually had incendiary liquid so it ignited the liquid which upon impact triggered that explosion,” Enanga told us.

In conclusion, such materials placed in different places, he raised the concern.

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