Peter Claver Mutuluza to be impeached by Mpigi councillors

Peter Claver Mutuluza to be impeached by Mpigi councillors. Mpigi District councilors have begun gathering marks to push out of office the region director, Chairperson LC5.

However, the councilors blame Mr. Mutuluza for ineptitude, disregarding gathering goals and inability to screen government programs.

Mr. Patrick Katende, the councilor speaking to laborers, told the chamber directed by speaker Rogers Ssejjemba on Thursday that in November a year ago. They made plans to reappoint Mr. Fredrick Kirumira, the area administration commission administrator. Similarly, to serve his last term yet Mr. Mutuluza proposed someone else, Mr. Jumah Bbosa.

Peter Claver Mutuluza to be impeached by Mpigi councilors.
Mr. Peter Claver Mutuluza

This, he stated, made a difference between the director and councilors for instance.

The discussion to blame Mr. Mutuluza comes when the region is selecting in excess of 30 staff. To fill empty situations in the wellbeing and instruction divisions.

Mr. Godfrey Naalima, the Kituntu Sub-district councilor, said the transition to rebuff Mr. Mutuluza expects to rebuff him. Peter Claver Mutuluza to be impeached by Mpigi councillors.

“Since the slip by of the residency of our administration bonus a year ago. They pushed and pull between the locale official board of trustees (DEC) and the region gathering. Over who ought to be selected on the advisory group and as commission’s administrator,” he said.

The Mpigi District speaker, Mr. Rogers Ssejjemba, encouraged councilors to officially request. Therefore, so the movement is put on the request paper in the following sitting.

“66% of the councilors’ marks are legally necessary yet. I gave the director a reasonable hearing after which the victor took that day,” Mr. Ssejjemba said.

In other words, Mr. Joseph Ssempijja, the councilor speaking to Buwama Sub-region, said the transition to reprimand Mr. Mutuluza. Is political and is “fuelled by some specialized people and the area speaker”.

Mr. Mutuluza disclosed to Cyclone Times that councilors pushing for his scold, similarly, have shrouded intentions.

“I recognize what’s behind this entire thing. However, they need me to fix them since they get little compensation. Also, they needed me to blackmail cash from contractual workers and other specialist organizations. Which conclusion I declined in light of the fact that this is defilement. We figure out how to administer these specialist co-ops when we get cash from them?” he affirmed.

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Mr. Moses Kanyarutokye, the locale boss regulatory official, stated: “Regardless of whether the said names are cleared. Therefore, it isn’t programmed that they promptly affirmed by Public Service since they should be met.”

In conclusion, Mr. Mutuluza, who is a previous Member of Parliament for the Mawokota North voting public turned into the Mpigi District Chairperson in 2016. In the wake of overcoming the then office-carrier John Mary Luwakanya for instance.

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