Nyanjura Wants Makerere University Officials to Apologise, Compensate Residents

Makerere Plantation Demolitions

 Part of the demolished plantations near Makerere University Western Gate.

Nyanjura Doreen the LC5 Woman Councillor for Makerere University has today blasted University officials over cheap politicking and asks them to own their decisions.

Nyanjura said, officials should stop attributing individual thoughts to the University Council and the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) because they have never discussed to torture University residents.

On Thursday night 4 January, 2018, a group of people demolished residents’ banana plantations all over Makerere University campus under the directive of some individual University officials.

However, according to Nyanjura, the demolition was done in the name of Makerere Council decision yet the Council she attends has never resolved to put plantations down.

“If administrators behind these torturous acts are embarrassed of depriving residents of their source of livelihood, why should they decide to torture them to the extent of bringing their plantations and businesses down,” Nyanjura said.

The demolished plantations and restaurants were owned by University’s unpaid pensioners and underpaid teaching and not teaching staff and according to Nyanjura, these people should be compensated.

“Demolishing restaurants and plantations for University’s underpaid employees and unpaid pensioners is so barbaric and it must stop immediately,” the lord councillor warned.

Several people have voiced their concerns over these demolitions saying it was uncalled for.

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