Namilyango S.4 student asks court to issue arrest warrant against School Head-Teacher

George William Eronda, 18, a senior four student at Namilyango College – Mukono, has asked the court to issue an arrest warrant for the school headmaster and board chairman.

Eronda Reg. no. U00064/046 was denied access to the UCE examination room after being indefinitely expelled on May 24, 2019, for allegedly teasing and bullying a fellow student.
The headmaster, Mr Constantine Mpuuga Sajjabi on Monday defied a court order for allowing Eronda to sit his Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) examinations.

Missing on the UCE’s second day 15 October 2019, Eronda through his Lawyer filed an application asking the court to issues arrest warrant against his Head Teacher Mr. Mpuuga and the Chair Board of Governor, Mr. Richard Kayondo for reportedly disobeying a court order issued by Mukono High Court deputy registrar Ms Harriet Nalukwago.

 “We served them a court order but now we have filed an application of warrant of arrest against the head-teacher and the chairman board of governors,” Eronda’s lawyer, Mr George Kintu said.
In the wake of getting their application on Tuesday evening, Ms Nalukwago prompted the understudy to serve the respondents by October 16, 2019, preceding she planned the case at 2 pm for hearing.

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