Namakula struggling to pay off her debts

Ekyama by Rema Namakula

Artist Rema Namakula presented her new man Dr. Hamza Ssebunya to her folks in a sumptuous function in Nabbigo.

Reports showed that the artist offered one of her vehicles to encourage the sumptuous capacities.

The ‘Gutujja’ vocalist is in obligations worth a large number of shillings. Namakula has been working relentless, tolerating each gig so as to clear her obligations.

It is likewise said Rema has set out on offering various properties to get enough cash.

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Last word from Kenzo to Rema Namakula

Namakula Rema

One of her vehicles was seen at a bargain in one of the vehicle bonds in Kampala.

“She is battling at this moment, her vehicle is on market and she is caught up with searching for shows to a great extent so as to pay her obligations. She put a great deal in the service and now the time has come to pay,” source uncovered.

Kenzo must be grinning from ear to ear in the wake of finding out about his ex’s cash troubles.

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