Nakalema: No untouchables in the fight against corruption

The State Anti-Corruption Unit chief, Lt. Col. Edith Nakalema has said that there are no untouchables in the battle against corruption in the nation.

Nakalema said that as long as there is sufficient proof to stick to an individual, her group will proceed to capture them without support.

Nakalema made these comments while showing up on an exceptional NBS Talk Show on Monday evening.

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“Reality remains there is nobody accounted for to us. Therefore we neglected to contact them. We have contacted everyone accounted for. Those not accounted for, we have not contacted them in light of the fact that we can’t take a shot at prattle,” Nakalema said to a limited extent.

Edith Nakalema

Nakalema gave instances of authorities, for example, Post Bank overseeing executive and his administration. In addition, CEO of the Gaming and Rotaries Board among others where her group has ‘contacted’ numerous people that general society thought of as distant.

“You have seen us contact the overseeing chief of Post Bank and his initiative, the CEO of Gaming and Rotaries board. Also, the secretaries of Uganda Human Rights Commission, Bank of Uganda among others. I have not heard any genuine individual saying that we can not contact someone or other. I don’t accept that there are individuals who are distant,” she included.

Nakalema will be flanked by the head of state, President Museveni and a few authorities from the administration. In addition, common society. strict pioneers among others tomorrow, Wednesday, December 4, for a stroll against defilement.


The walk will focus on the gains made in the battle against debasement. However, yet additionally, report the new plans by the government to battle the bad habit.

The walk will begin at 8.00 AM under the subject “a defilement free Uganda; it begins with me,” and members will stroll from the Constitutional Square in the downtown area to the Kololo Independence grounds.

Nakalema called upon Ugandans to grasp the walk and hold hands with the legislature to battle the bad habit.

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