Muzeeyi Sabiiti confirmed as new Police Council member

The Deputy Inspector General of Police, Maj.Gen.Muzeeyi Sabiiti, the four new police executives and a couple of different officials have been confirmed as new members from the Uganda Police Council.

Muzeeyi Sabiiti was in March 2018 selected the new Deputy Police Chief. Meanwhile, in July this year, President Museveni designated Brig Jackson Bakasumba, Col Sserunjogi Ddamulira, Brig Geoffrey Golooba, and Col. Jessy Kamunanwire as new police executives.

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Muzeeyi Sabiiti
Muzeeyi Sabiiti

On Monday, the gathering sworn-in during the opening capacity of the 25th Police Council meeting at the Police base camp in Naguru.

However, talking after the swearing-in, the Inspector General of Police, Martin Okoth Ochola encouraged the new police board individuals to explain issues as exhibited to them by the individuals they speak to on the Police Council.

Police Council

As indicated by Section 10 of the Police Act 1994, there will be a Police Council with the Inspector General of Police as its director.

The Police Council additionally comprises of the Deputy Inspector General of Police, all executives. Also, commandant of the portable police watch unit, Regional Police Commanders’ agents. Officials at the police central station answerable for activities. In addition, preparing, account, staff, legitimate issues, network undertakings, and research and arranging among others.

Different individuals to the Police Council are designated by the IGP in the conference with the police unit authorities. These incorporate an official of the position of right-hand director, an official of the position of the auditor. Also, three noncommissioned officials and the official answerable for the organization of the power who will be the secretary.



As indicated by article 11 of the Police Act 1994, the Police Council is liable for enlistment, arrangement and advancement of cops up to the position of controller of police.

The Police Council is additionally answerable for practicing disciplinary power over all cops through the police courts. Also, exhort the police expert on the structure of the position in the power. Therefore plan terms and states of administration of individuals from the power subject to endorsement by the police authority. In addition, detail and set up guidelines of enlistment and preparing inside the power. Also to decide the sorts and nature of gear and supplies acquired by the power.

The Police Council is additionally liable for planning and exhorting the police expert on the arrangements of the power. Also, guarantee their usage of that approach among other key capacities.

The committee last sat two years back and this required swearing-in of new individuals who joined the Council in that period.

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