Museveni laughs at gay people who want to meet him


President Museveni has left social media smiling and laughing ear to ear.

This is after he was told that the LGBTQ community in Uganda wants to meet him.

Mr Museveni asked the news reporter to come again as if he hadn’t heard what she had asked properly.

This reporter repeated that the homosexuals in Uganda seek to meet him.

President Museveni burst into laughter hilariously infecting the other members in the room with this dame laughter.

Museveni has made it known that homosexuality has no place in Uganda.

He told the West which is forcing it on the countries that don’t tolerate it ro keep it in their countries.

He recently signed the antigay bill into a LAW.

Anyone caught practicing homosexuality in Uganda will face life imprisonment.

This vice has in the past steadily grown in Uganda through different organizations.

These are mostly from Europe and North America who come under the guise of providing relief aid.

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