Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool buys brand new cars for his managers

Moses Ssali alias Bebe has gifted his two managers with brand new cars a Mercedes Benz and a Mark X respectively as a sign of appreciation for their good work done. Bebe cool on Sunday evening addressed the media on how employers should learn how to appreciate their employees. However, he advised the employees to put their work first before the money. This is because when you put the money before your work, you are likely to be a failure in life.

What is Bebe Cool’s relationship with Omulangira Ndausi?

“I and Omulangila Ndauusi are longtime friends. Ndauusi is responsible for discipline in Gagamel. Nevertheless, he advises me whenever I get off track,” Bebe said.

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Moses Ssali, What advice do you give to the youths out there watching you?

Moses Ssali

Thank you for this great question. First and foremost, I would like to thank these youthful managers that I am rewarding today because of their hard work put in. These two managers I am appreciating today share Bebe cool as a brand and I feel they deserve to share my success with me. I called this press conference here today to inspire lots of youths out there. “I think I am the most hatred musician in the Ugandan music industry.

However, if you singled out one person who hates Bebe Cool, they may not tell you the real reason as to why they hate me. I used to be trashed in the red pepper newspaper by the red pepper News Company. In addition, I think this where all the hate started from, However, I want to urge the media houses to at least always write positives too about us. Most of these media houses write negatives about us to get likes, comments, and pride all over the different social media platforms.


Moses Ssali strongly emphasized the youths engaging themselves in work instead of wasting time in unproductive demonstrations.

He also called upon those who are criticized negatively to consult him because he has been through lots of criticism.

I am giving this Mark x to Producer Ronnie because he has been there for this company during the times when we hardly needed him. I remember when I had the hardest time and only music could cover up all that I was going through. Producer Ronnie put in the hard work and gave me projects, for example, Nkuliyo and wire wire.

In addition, in fact, wire wire was by far the most hit song in the year 2019 in the whole of Uganda. I got producer Ronnie when he was 18 years of age, this was the time when he was still realizing his dreams. His parents had told him to fly to the US but he instead chose to work with me. Therefore, Ronnie’s success was my total responsibility…

I am here today to hand over this mark X to producer Ronnie because I am tired of seeing a producer with the best songs in the country use an Okada or Boda Boda in Local language. Some of the projects Ronnie has worked on include Champion and Mateeka by Doctor Jose Chameleone.

In addition, he has also worked on Enyanda by Sheebah Karungi which is my favorite Sheebah song. Therefore it was absurd to have such a good producer still moving on a Bodaboda.

What I am doing is a sign of appreciation to the people who have made Moses Ssali, the people see right now. However, it is a good thing to give back to the people who push your dream of where you want it to stand. I, therefore, call upon all the other employers in this country and around the world to always appreciate it. In addition, the people they work with. This bear fruits that all of you will enjoy so happily as a team.

We as Cyclone Times thank you Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool for that good heart of giving back. We also call upon all other employers to copy what you have done in a way of motivating and inspiring young people. This practice will embrace togetherness amongst the employees hence good results in the end.



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