Makerere University sets bachelor of Law pre-entry examination dates

The Academic Registrar Makerere University announces that the Pre-Entry Examination for admission to the Bachelor of Laws for 2018/2019 will be held on Saturday 14th April, 2018.

According to a statement issued by Mr Alfred Mastikye, the academic registrar, for one to qualify for the examination, Applicants must possess the minimum admission requirements of the University, and any one of the following specific requirements:

  • `A’ Level leavers:

-Must hold an ‘O’ Level Certificate (UCE) or its equivalent with at least 5 Passes plus ‘A’ Level Certificate(UACE) or its equivalent having obtained a minimum of 13 points(Males) and 12 points (for Females) in any ‘A’ Level combination, for Humanities and Sciences.

-Candidates who did ‘A’ Level before 2013 should have 15 and 14 points for male and female applicants respectively.

  • Diploma Holders:

-Must possess at least a 2nd Class or Credit Diploma from a recognized institution.

-Certified Copies of Diploma Transcripts (No Provisional Results) from the Awarding Institutions must be attached to the Application Forms.

  • Mature Age Applicants:

Must have passed the Mature Age Entry Examination (for Bachelor of Laws) for either 2017/2018 or 2018/2019 Academic Year.

-Government sponsorship is only for those who sat Mature Age Exams for 2018/2019 Academic Year and applied for it.

  • Degree Holders:

-Must be graduates in any Discipline from a recognized University. Certified Copies of Degree Transcripts (No Provisional Results) from the Awarding Institutions must be attached to the Application Forms. (Degree holders are not eligible for government sponsorship)

However, all applicants wishing to be admitted to the Bachelor of Laws programme offered by Makeere are required to sit and pass the pre-entry examination of Makerere University.

He added that all applicants interested in government sponsorship must have applied for bachelor of laws government (law) by filling in the government application form.

He however said that those  interested in private sponsorship for day (law) and/or evening (lae) will apply for admission after passing the bachelor of laws pre-entry examination but applicants who hold diplomas and degrees must present a certified copy of the academic transcript.

He earned that provisional results shall not be accepted to register for this examination.

All applicants must present the original academic documents to the academic registrar’s office at Makerere University during the registration process. Application Procedure Pay the application fee of 80,000/= in the bank, of your choice, (Stanbic / dfcu / Centenary / Post bank), Makerere Branches.

Makerere university pay-in slips can be obtained from the banks aforementioned.

Present the payment slip to the Mature Age Office Room 505 Senate Building to get the application form.

The completed application form should be returned within two days, to the balcony Level 3 Senate Building from where you will receive further instructions.

Four past papers to assist you with your preparations are available in Room 505 at 5,000/- each (20,000/= for all). You are advised to pay for the past papers together with the application fee to avoid double bank charges.

Application Forms for those intending to sit the examination are obtainable at the University, Room 505, Senate Building on payment of a Non-refundable Application Fee of Shs. 80,000/- excluding the Bank charges (paid in any Stanbic Bank Branch, DFCU and Centenary Bank Makerere Branch using Makerere University Pay-in Bank Slips). All application forms must be returned in person to the same office with evidence of payment of the Application Fee.

The closing date for submitting the completed Application Forms is Friday 6th April, 2018.

The academic registrar said students shall be assessed in areas of   Reading and Comprehension Skills, Language Skills Numerical Skills and Logic

Other areas will include
General Knowledge, Analytical Writing Skills,  General Knowledge and    Analytical Writing Skills

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