Makerere Students Boycott Classes in Solidarity

Makerere School of Law (MLS) has today passed a resolution to boycott day classes until the question of evening classes is resolved.

In response to the School’s Management Board not to teach students on evening programme, the students’ body under their Umbrella MLS, has called students’ on day programme to stay away from lectures until their colleagues on evening programme are able to have lectures.

“Our resolution is clear, if there are going to be no evening classes, then there will be no classes at all,” reads the letter issued by the school leadership.

The MLS president  Mr Kansiime Mukama Taremwa‏, the umbrella president has confirmed that the day classes have also been suspended at the school until all issues are sorted.

“Today we begin our boycott of all classes until we can have an assurance that the evening program will be taught as well. We are standing with our comrades,” Taremwa said.

“The President together with his cabinet have  called for a boycott of all classes by day students until the question of evening classes is resolved. We ask for your compliance,” the MLS leadership confirmed the development on their official twitter account.


The school leadership twitted their stand of evening programme.


However, Prof Barnabas Nawangwe, the University’s vice-chancellor has called students at the School of Law to stay calm saying the administration is addressing the issue.

“The issue of evening classes is being addressed. All students are advised to remain calm and concentrate on their studies,” Nawangwe said.

The School suspended all evening classes for all undergraduates and Masters students at the School until their demands as regards facilitation for the extra hours are met.

The issue started last week Prof Christopher Mbazira, the Principal of the School of Law,  shocked students at the school with notice addressed to them, informing them about the abrupt suspension of evening lectures.

The letter bared the information that evening lectures shall be discontinued henceforth, until the university management addresses the school’s concerns regarding the services rendered by the staff.

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