Makerere overhauls teaching system, abolish staff allowances

Makerere has finally phased out evening lectures for students registered on the evening programme starting August this year 2018/2019

According to Prof Barnabas Nawangwe the University Vice Chancellor-VC, the resolution was reached at by the University council meeting on 14, March 2018.

He however, said that continuing students on the said programme are safe from the decision and they would continue having their classes until completion of their courses.

They decision leaves day programme unmoved while evening programme changed to afternoon (2pm – 6pm).

However, according to the visitation committee findings instituted by President Museveni, the report recommended that students from College of Humanities and Social Sciences-Chuss and College of Education and External Studies – CEES be shifted to Nsamizi Traning institute in Mpigi and Kyambgo University respectively.

The recommendation aimed at creating space at the university given that study rooms have always been insufficient.

According to the system restructure by the university, the two programmes are set to run concurrently between 2:00PM- 5:00PM, and using the same limited study rooms.

For Kaganda, who graduated early this year, the university council decision seems to be a dream considering the meager study rooms at some of the colleges.

“With limited lecture rooms at muk (sic) [Makerere] especially at arts, I don’t think that this will work. The council is biting more than it can chew, he said.

However, to Isabirye Jacob a former student at Chuss, students on evening programme are cheated to be given only four hours compared to their counterparts who stay at campus for the whole day.

“I think the council has gone wrong on this. How will they compensate the evening students? Having only 4 hours. They should just say, the evening programme is out and that all.”

The university council too abolished staff incentives, but alternatives are being handled by evening teaching and allowances committee whose report will be presented to the University Council.

According to the VC, private catering services that were contracted by the university in 2014 to provide meals to government sponsored students at the halls of residence have also been abolished.

Government sponsored students are now to receive Shs 476,000 for feeding for a whole semester.

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