Makerere Dean of students implicated in the 5.6M nomination scandal, students want him suspended

Makerere suspends guild candidate for defaming the dean of students, forgery

Mr Cyrico Kabagambe, the Dean of students at Makerere University. Net Photo.

Ronald Ainebyoona, a third year student of Bachelor of Law at Makerere University has today March 7, petitioned the Vice Chancellor to suspend the dean of students Mr Cyriaco Kabagambe on allegations that he is incompetent and corrupt in as far as his role as leader of the caretaker guild government is concerned.

Ainebyona has petitioned Prof Barnabas Nawangwe to suspend Mr Kabagambe on grounds of incompetence, corruption and unfair treatment of some guild candidates.

Ainebyoona, was a guild presidential hopeful whose nomination was frustrated on grounds of not meeting the required academic credentials.

He (Ainebyona)  claims that the three students together with the Dean of Students connived to fleece him of upto shs 5.6 million on promise that he would be nominated without the substantive requirements.

“As the petitioner , I was a guild presidential hopeful in the current guild race where at the eve [evening] of nomination , I was called by the Chairman of the Electoral Commission Makumbi Peter who informed me that I did not have the substantive requirements for nomination and that I needed to pay a sum of shs 5.6 million to the electoral commission and caretaker government to process all requirements, ” the petition reads in part.

He alleges the said people have ignored him since then  and refused to refund his money after failing to meet their end of the bargain and consequently not nominating him.

He appealed to the Vice Chancellor to clean the caretaker government and the electoral commission and rid them of the said incompetent and corrupt people.

The VC last Thursday suspended the guild elections which were scheduled to take place on Friday 26, till further notice over students’ electoral commission incompetence and hooliganism among rival camps.

Early this week, the students’ electoral body chairman Mr Makumbi Peter who is also named in this  scandal bowed to pressure from students and candidates and resigned his position on claims of bribery.

Candidates allege that Mr Mukumbi and Mr Kabagambe smuggled Silver Kent and Bayube Bruno to the nomination list despite the fact that the two lacked academic standards.

It remains unknown on when the guild elections will be conducted.


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