Lyn’s silent feelings part 5-cyclone times

Lyn’S silent feelings part 5-cyclone times
This time around, I wasn’t dreaming. I kissed him back and even held him closer. Before I realized, he was already inside me, driving me hard than I had ever been driven. this had even never happened in my sitting room, I screamed and he pressed his left hand onto my lips. He was all sweating like a mad dog, and the drops fell onto my body like rain drops.

I let him explore every bit of my body. And I found myself climaxing before him. He rejoiced and kissed me all-over. I had had only two men in my life, and none of them had ever made me feel this way…whatever tactics he had used, God only knew… he left later on…I still laid on my bed, meditating about what had happened earlier.

I had cheated on my boyfriend. I had just given out what Jack always called his things. I remembered the day I promised him that I would never give out his things, and by giving out his things, I was still wondering on how someone could make love to a person wildly in such a way. I smiled, I had just had the best unforgettable moment in my life, and hoped to have some more, even if it meant leaving Jack, and moving on with Gerald.

For the other few days that passed by, I was still in shock of what had happened between Gerald and I. we didn’t talk for two weeks, and neither did I talk to Jack. I hoped and prayed that Gerald could walk in onetime, and make love to me once again, but he never even got near to my house. One night he returned, and I decided to go and check on him.

I found him half naked with a girl in his room. ” why didn’t you inform me before walking into my house?’ he asked rudely, as “the bitch” he was about to make love to stared agape at me. ” who is she?’ I asked, feeling like as if I owned him, he laughed so hard that it pissed me off and I showed it that I was pissed this time around. “what’s funny?’ I asked.

” You ask! what’s funny is you walking into my privacy and then pretending that you are the land lady here.” he spat… he wore a fierce look, fierce like that of a lioness with cubs, a look I had once worn towards Jack. “go out.” he ordered me… and I refused.

I remained stuck onto the floor, the lady got up,  still dressed in her nicker and bra and opened the door…” please move out, we have a business to finish up” I felt humiliated, anger ran through my veins and started mixing up with fury. Raised a blow towards the bitch and Gerald got hold of my hand firmly. “Lynn, this is my girlfriend.

what I did with you was wrong, okay, I apologized to her because it was haunting me, do us a favor and please leave us in peace.” I was broken…tears drops one by one started flowing from my eyes. ” but I love you Gerald…I’ve..I’ve always held this silent feeling with in…I’ve always wanted you ever since the first day you walked into this compound and became my neighbor.” the bitch sarcastically laughed.

Gerald got hold of my left hand and stared straight in my face. “I understand, and its normal to feel that way, but you still have to understand that it was a mistake, and it will never happen again, me and you can’t be.” I walked out and got into my house. I became crazy and threw whatever my eyes came across on… why had this guy used me, and what did he call a mistake…why would he humiliate me to that extent…how would I live in such kind of humiliation?

I thought of taking pills and killing myself would be better than all this shame that had walked in to my life, but upon second thought, I decided to let go, since I had other people who would still love and care for me. It had been two whole weeks without talking to Jack. I would turn back to him, I would tell him I was now ready to get married to him and settle in my marriage………………

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