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I dressed in a short black Patra and a crop top, and after tied an “ilesu” around me, making sure it was not tight enough on me. My heart skipped a little bit the moment he knocked on my door. “come on in” I said and guess who walked in. “Jack!” I exclaimed.

“Lynn, I need you, please get married to me” I gave out a heavy sigh. I wished he could see the fierce lioness look I wore at that moment. He got down on his knees. “Jack, please, I didn’t even leave you… please just stop coming here unannounced….

I’m heading somewhere, please leave now.” I helped him up, and he strongly held my hand. “You want me to leave?” yes’. I saw pain, pain in his eyes. They turned red at the juncture. He passed his left hand through his face, perhaps to dry off the little sweat that was escaping through his skin.

“I miss u lynn”… I gazed at him and felt pity for him. He was my man, he was my boyfriend, and now my feelings towards him were changing, just because of a mere crush I had on Gerald.  At that moment, I heard another knock, and I knew it was Gerald. ” please leave.”

I told Jack. ” I promise I will come and see you tonight.” He walked out and gave Gerald a long gaze. ” aaahhhh… Gerald, this is Jack, and Jack, this is Gerald.” Jack walked away, and Gerald seemed not to mind. He came in and I served him a cup of hot chocolate milk plus some cookies that Jack had bought for me a few days back.”

So, that’s your boyfriend?’ he asked …” no.. he is a friend, a long time friend who maybe having a crush on me…” Gerald laughed. his laughters echoed through out my house. It was a muscular laugh.


I wondered as to why he was laughing. ‘anything funny?’ I asked, not intending to show that I’m pissed at his laughters. “nothing funny, but just remembered the way the guy looked at me… as if he suspected I had something to do with you” I shrugged, got up and intentionally forced my “ilesu” to go lose. It fell off and

I pretentiously bent down to pick it. “I will help you” Gerald said as he hastily got up, picked up the “ilesu” and made to tie it around me. “But you look pretty without it.” I smiled and he moved closer to where I was. “could u allow me explore a little bit of your body?” He touched my chin and kissed me. This time around, I wasn’t dreaming. I kissed him back……………

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