Lyn’s Silent Feelings part 3 (Rated PG)

Cyclone times brings you Lyn’s Silent Feelings part 3 (Rated PG) by Lyn Lyn stories. Enjoy, read and share widely.

“You’re the most beautiful woman on planet earth, Lynn”, David said. I just don’t know how I had come to learn his name. I was well laid strongly and securely in his arms. He held me so close that I never felt like parting away from him. I had finally won him.

Had finally won the guy for myself.Jack was now history to me. I was just so much in love with my neighbor opposite door…I was so much in love with the shape of his body.

Ed Sheeran’s song ‘Shape of you’ kept playing in the background, as David and I listened. “I never realized how beautiful you are, until I sat next to you…” He laughed and pressed his hand onto my right thigh. He slightly pulled my dress up and looked into my eyes.

Couldn’t wait to feel his breath, to feel his touch, to feel him go down inside me. He brought his lips closer to mine and kissed me, a very long passionate kiss. I kissed him back and held his back so tightly. He moved his left hand upwards my thighs, and his right hand kept playing rhythmically with both my nipples.

“You need me…say yes…say u want me now baby”…he said, breathing and kissing me so hard. Yes, I wanted him, I needed him…I wanted to feel him, he carried me of my feet and took me off to his bedroom and laid me straight on the bed…he pulled down my zip and untied my brazier…”nice boobs bae…you really got it all…”

He started sucking them like as if he was a little baby sucking breast milk. I started breathing hard, I held him tightly and pulled him close. He halfly undressed. I now saw his six packs clearly outstretched towards me. “Dave…David…’ I said… “Yes babe…I know you want me, am coming there…gonna taste you, gonna eat you up like a Christmas meal babe..”My breathing pace changed as his too changed…he pulled my pants off and that’s when I awoke. I was alone in my bed.



Gosh! all along it had been a dream! I pulled myself up, stretched up a little bit. As if someone was knocking. I opened, It was my land lady. “Someone broke in in his house last night, but he struggled and overcame the thieves.” “What’s his name?” “Gerald” “oh”

He was sitting on his veranda, palms covering his chin. I tied an “ilesu” around me and moved to where he was. “Hi, sorry for that saga, didn’t the thieves harm you?” I asked with concern lined across my face. “I appeared stronger than them…but they took off with my hoofers and tv”, He said.

Am sorry, that has never happened here, I’m well don’t mind.” “By the way I’m called Lynn, and guess you are Gerald.” he smiled to me. “Mind joining me for breakfast today? Just to kill off that stress.” “No dear, I’m fine” “please” I requested.

And finally He accepted. I just couldn’t wait to have him in my house, I couldn’t wait to have him and watching him by my side…..

To be continued (part 4) Kindly share

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