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He was wondering what kind of human being would play such loud slow music on a weekend when people were still resting the week’s stress off. this was the right chance I had to use to make him recognize me, I grabbed my tooth brush, a cup of boiled water and moved out to brush in my nighty, which was just short by knee length. The moment i made a move to go out, he moved back to his house. I felt nuts. ‘wtf!!!! come back ‘ I whispered in between my teeth. but he never came back. my move had failed, I hated myself for that, but i would soon plan something else, and maybe this time around, it would work out.

I didn’t manage to do anything sensible as the day kept on flowing by, pacing steadily as if nothing was going on in my life. I was in and out of my house on several occasions but at all times failed to catch up coincidentally with him. Just after i had moved in perhaps after my eighth attempt, the guy walked out, locked his house and left. he was dressed in a white fitting T-shirt that wholly brought out his breast and arm packs. His blue-ish jeans matched together with the jean sneakers that he was putting on.

At that moment, I dashed out and kept following him at a distance. what if he saw me! wouldn’t he think am stalking him? and what was I really doing? he moved so proudly that the whole world stood a back and took a moment to stare, admire and appreciate this godly given creature. “Lynn.” some one called and i curiously turned was Jack, my boyfriend.

I feigned a smile and moved to him. “hi” I greeted like as if his presence had greatly surprised me. “Your shocked to see me?” he asked ” no… I not surprised its just that my mind was so much focused on where i was heading.” i replied stammeringly.

” Was actually going to buy some thing to prepare for lunch.” i continued. “oh..then we can proceed together.” for the very first time, i felt insecure moving with Jack…what if the new neighbor saw me with him and as a result avoid me completely! I trusted my looks and appearance at least no man would be in position to resist me in case i became close to him. “Are u okay?’ Jack asked me.

“Yes..yes…I’m fine.. I’ve just remembered i forgot to pick the money that I’m going to use for buying the food stuffs. He stared at me in a confused state. ” How about just taking u out for lunch?” he asked it was such a great idea, but i wasn’t at all sure whether I would concentrate on me and Jack, and my other worry was keeping home, if possible, I would beg him to even stop coming at my place.

“cool idea” I said and we walked back home. i took a quick shower, wore to my best and we left. “we took the food in silence, as Jack kept stealing glances at me. ‘I love you Lynn.” he told me and i took a few minutes before answering. ‘thank you, i love you too.” ” you mean it?” what a vague question he had asked me! I ironically smiled at him and took a sip of my juice.

” what makes u doubt me?’ “because You acting strange today.” he called on to a waiter who came with a plate of a full fresh unprepared fish. ” what is this Jack?’ i asked surprisingly. ” that fish was alive a few hours back, and now its dead… but if u look at it clearly, its not really dead. its eyes are still widely open…

” He touched it, looked at it keenly, placed it back on the plate and forwarded it to me. “Jack!!!’ ” come on, it wont eat You, just open its mouth.” whatever games Jack was playing with me, i had n o slight idea what they were. he was a humorous guy, and perhaps, he wanted to bring me back in my e=romantic moods with him. i touched the fish, and proved it was really dead. I opened its mouth and what I saw greatly drove surprise across my face a diamond sparkling ring.

At this moment, I felt guilty, I felt this was not the right time for Jack to do this, I wasn’t ready to get married just yet, I had just seen that the world somewhere held much more pleasantries than what I ever thought. Jack stood up and came where I was sitting. He got the fish and pulled out the ring. “Lynn, I want you to marry me, I want u to be my wife.

I know…my first step would be preparing to visit your parents but at least I want to be sure that you are ready for this… will you?’ he asked. I stared speechless at the table in front of me, and raised my eyes towards Jack all speechless. I finally gained my courage and spoke. ” Jack, I don’t think I’m ready for this.” I calmly said.

He took his seat and stared straight in my face.” why? we”v been dating for one year now. “yeah, but am not ready yet….we need more time Jack.” ‘what time Lynn? maybe You just tell me you are seeing someone else”. I bit the left side of my lip and pressed my hands so hard.

Maybe he was right, maybe he was wrong, maybe I was seeing someone else, maybe I was about to start seeing someone else. I also didn’t know exactly what was going on… but i knew exactly where everything was leading to…

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