LYN’s Silent Feelings part 1-cyclone times stories

LYN’S SILENT FEELINGs part 1, cyclone times

After one and a half years of my stay at Mama Nankya’s rentals, we received a word that a new neighbor would be moving in.

Most of the other neighbors were either married or close to married. However, from the looks of it, this new neighbor was a single.

The night he moved in, the weather was tranquil with stars enveloping the dark skies. Crickets chirped in a somewhat musical manner and the air smelled of roasted meet accompanied with traces of smoke.

At a nearby distance, a couple of men sat around a table enjoying a couple of drinks.  At the foot of the table, a red chicken clawed it’s feet into the ground,  as if to search for something of great importance.

Watched my neighbor move in through the window curtains. I could see that he did not have much, except for a 32 inch television,  a set of speakers. In addition a blood red carpet, a medium sized gas cylinder and a 5 by 6 bed.

All these items screamed “SINGLE” and my stomach churned at the mere thought of it. However I brushed off these upcoming thoughts with the consolation that there was no way be could be attracted to me. Me, a petite girl with no killer body to die for. My hair alone was a mess,  always has been. And did I forget to mention that I was in a relationship with someone. That alone was enough to erase all these thoughts of a possible attraction from him.

His physique caught all of my attention; his body was well built,  like those of the Hollywood movie characters. His biceps were enormous and I did not think I’d be able to wrap my hands around it. His face was embodied with a striking jawline. He had the kind of eyes that hypnotized you,  or at least draw you in.  This spelt out trouble for me.

This incident reminded me of my university days where me and my girlfriends would have conversations about good looking guys, with six packs and we’ll built physiques. Most them were imaginary of course but that night, saw a real life one.

My previous boyfriend was no where near this god-sized human I’d just seen. He physique was basic and he had a slight tilt to his left while he walked.

He however was roughly talk,  about 162 cm. I watched my new neighbor move in,  and I had a sudden urge to go help but I held myself back. He took his time moving his items in,  as if for him the day had just started. He then went to the land lady and after having a few orders with her,  he got into his house.

The rest of that night,  I stayed up wondering about this new neighbor. What his name could be,  whether we could hit it off at the start,  how our conversations would go like,  what his favorite food was and so on.

Had so many thoughts running like a train on train tracks. I laughed at myself and wondered if it would be possible,  though part of me prayed that this fantasy would come true. Stayed up till late,  and outside I could hear minimal noises from screeching tires and a few car horns.

Thought of my present boyfriend, Jack. What he would think of me if he discovered that I was fantasising over someone that was not him. Well at least he was not here,  and neither would he find out because it was between me and my God.

Could not wait to start a conversation with this new hottie of a neighbor. I pictured him staring at me as we laughed and discussed about our day, me staring at his captivating body and him complimenting my beautiful outfit or anything around me.

I lay in bed getting excited about this new found feeling and I had not felt like this in a while.  The butterflies in my stomach felt more like bees,  buzzing unstoppably everywhere.  I tried to get some rest since I had a long day ahead of me.

I could also make out a man and woman arguing over something but the noise died out after a few minutes. Eventually sleep set in in the weekend hours of morning,  at about 4:40 am and I could swear I had a dream about him that night.

To Be continued (part 2) Kindly share. 

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