Lubiri High School students filmed having s3x in Midland High School bus (video)


We all recall those crazy school tours we always had especially for mixed schools. This was always the prefect opportunity to get naughty and do all crazy and weird sorts of things.

This is just what happened with Lubiri High School students during a school agricultural tour to Jinja yesterday. These can be seen doing all sorts of sexual crazy stuff in the bus belonging to Midland High School. The girls can be seen dubbing the boys in the entire bus.

They were filmed by someone outside of this bus who went ahead to post the video on social media. A number of people have come out to condemn this behavior.

Some people had confused the bus and alleged that the students belong to Midland High School. The school however came out and clarified that their bus was rather hired by Lubiri High School and it’s not their students.

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