Latest Ugandan music 2020, direct downloads both audio and video

Latest Ugandan music 2020

Cyclone Times Uganda brings the latest Ugandan music 2020 in this article. Follow the article until the end and see whether your artist features in the cyclone Times list.

First things, let’s have a broader picture of Ugandan music first.

Ugandan music has come a long way to reach where it is right now. There are people who have worked tirelessly to push the Ugandan music industry. Over the years the Entertainment industry in Uganda was dominated by Nigerian music. However, congratulations to the following people for making our music become first priority in our own country.

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Big thanks to the music Deejays (Djs), media houses, the introduction of the digital platforms that ease the promotion of Ugandan music. This new technology has helped to promote music very quickly. Technologies, for example, online blogs such as Cyclone Times, Ugtimez, Howwebiz,, and so on.

Latest Ugandan music 2020

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The list is endless if we start mentioning the people behind the improvements in the Ugandan music industry. However, we can’t just that without giving the following mentions… Madox Sematimba, Jose Chameleone, Bobi Wine, Bebe Cool, Philly Bongole Lutaya, Mesach Semakula, Juliana Kanyomozi, Irene Namubiru, Cindy Sanyu. In addition, Dj Shiru, Dj Bush Baby, Dj Roja and Stuart, DVJ Mercy Pro, Mc Kats alias Edwin Katamba, Producer City Drumboy. Also, Producer Daddy Andre, Eddy Kenzo, Mowzey Radio and Weasel, Paddy Man, Producer Rennix and so and so forth.

Therefore you too can judge for yourself how far the Ugandan music industry has come. However, in this article, we show the Latest Ugandan music in 2020.

Hullo by John Blaq.

This one stands at position number one because it’s a song you would not miss to have in your playlists. Kasadah John alias John Blaq deserves all the best positions in this music industry currently. He is one person who has never disappointed his audience from day one. Simply support him by subscribing to his Youtube Channel below and always share his music too.

Baliwa by Dr. Jose Chameleone is part of the latest Ugandan music 2020.

Joseph Mayanja alias Dr. Jose is beyond a reasonable doubt a legend in the Ugandan music industry. Actually when discussing Ugandan music and don’t talk about this guy, many will look at you as someone who doesn’t understand the industry. Jose Chameleone is well known for his style of music. This includes content that builds the nation. In addition, Jose Chameleon uses his music to pass on educative content to the public, unlike other artists.

Tweyagale by Eddy Kenzo alias Edriisa Muusuza

Eddy Kenzo is one of the most celebrated legends in the Ugandan music industry. He is the CEO of Big Talent Entertainment. Eddy Kenzo became the first Ugandan to win a BET award. He has however for a long time been criticized by many but he has proven his critics wrong. In 2019, he got the worst experience of his life when his friend Rema Namakula decided to divorce. This mentally haunted him hence calling for public sympathy. Since then, he has had massive hit songs, for example, Semyekozo, Tweyagale and now he looking forward to his festival dubbed Eddy Kenzo Festival 2020.

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