Kyambogo taxi stage a threat to campus students.

For the past few weeks, there has been an increase in the number of accidents near Kyambogo taxi stage. This is along the busy Banda highway. This results from impatient drivers and boda-boda riders. In spite of the fact that there, is a well-established zebra crossing, the unfortunate campus students from Kyambogo University and other pedestrians find it very difficult to cross the road.

One student whose identity has been hidden for personal reasons claimed he was recently knocked down by a speeding motorcycle. This nearly claimed his life. The student said that a patient driver stopped for him to cross the road after several minutes of waiting. No sooner had he stepped into the road to cross than a heartless cyclist came speeding into him. The victim acquired simple bruises and was rushed into a nearby clinic for first aid.

The University of Pretoria awards Ms Jane Namusoke PhD in Counselling Psychology.

Another source claimed that most of the students have to get into the road in order to cross because the motorists can never stop as per the road traffic regulations at a zebra crossing.

The government and University officials must cater to the lives of innocent students. It can deploy a traffic officer to particularly help students cross the busy road.

In addition, the government is tasked to construct a crossover bridge on which students can cross.

This has been based on a fact that several students in major universities are from villages where there is absolutely less traffic than the one they meet on such roads.
Compiled and written by Sabiiti Davis.
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