Kyambogo University Guild President Tundulu given 7 days to resign

The Kyambogo University Guild President Jonathan Tundulu faces a vote of no confidence from the Guild Cabinet Ministers 2019/2020.

Tundulu is accused of fostering an atmosphere of hostility, retaliation, and unethical behavior. He assumed the Guild Office early this year after a tight race with FDC’s Atto Sebbi Juma.

In the letter seen by this website which was also copied to all the university top officials, GRCs and University Noticeboards. The cabinet ministers mentioned that Tundulu’s lack of leadership, mismanagement, selfish interest and very poor personal decisions have greatly degraded and severely damaged the relationship between the University management, the student leadership and the students’ body.

“Our continuous attempts to salvage the situation has no born fruits. We feel that our relationship with him in serving the Students is irreparable. Therefore we as cabinet ministers due to the love we have for our great institution cannot allow such leadership. In addition he is a dictator, incompetent, narrow-minded and disrespectful both to students and administrators.” They said.

Tundulu in details is accused of missing Council meetings to discuss matters affecting students. For example, pleading for an extension on the date when the six-week policy would be affected as per a cabinet resolution and vital discussion of Student results. He was seen on 11th September 2019 going in for a press conference for national political matters.

In addition, the Guild President is facing tough accusations of disrespect of the cabinet authority. For example, he rarely attends cabinet sittings and if he does, he comes towards the end. In addition, he disrespects the GRC house and the office of the Speaker, intensions not to orient our first years 2019/2020. Therefore he demanded that since the staff was on strike, then the cabinet and leaders should not participate in welcoming and guiding our first-year students among others.

The Kyambogo University guild president has to resign within 7 days. He is believed to have been behind organizing the Student General Assembly on 26th September 2019. This was to address Students’ issues like 12 weeks policy, results, 6 weeks policy, and sanitation.

“We are aware that the decision we undertake today is a historical one. However, with tears in our eyes very ready for the outcomes of this noble cause. We undertake and seek the attention of management and the entire Kyambogo university.” The letter added.

Tundulu became the 16th Kyambogo Guild president on 14th March 2019 garnered 2789 overall votes. Therefore he won the tightly contested election ahead of FDC’s Atto Sebbi Juma who tallied 2634 votes. This created a difference of only 155 votes in all polling stations across the University.

Here is part of the signed and stamped statement.

Download full statement:

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