Kizza Besigye: We who are not corrupt were blocked

Kiiza Besigye

Previous leader of the Opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party, Dr. Kizza Besigye has depicted President Museveni hostile to corruption walk as a motorcade of the most degenerate Ugandans.

“What’s going on today is a decent exhibition of a hostage state since you saw that the city was encompassed by shooters guaranteeing that anything they desire to happen is what occurs.

I also comprehend there has been a walk around the local area of local officials; individuals that we pay who are the issue of this nation, associated with open segment corruption.

Kizza Besigye

Today, we have an exhibition of the degenerate, headed by the boss degenerate individual, Mr. Museveni himself. It’s the motorcade of the degenerate.

What we needed to do was to correctly name them to show what their identity was. To show that these were the issue. Shockingly, they have prevailed with regard to hindering the entire city.

Nonetheless, I think the announcement is made that on one side of the weapons are degenerated. In addition, on the opposite side are those they are taking from,” Dr. Kizza Besigye told columnists on Wednesday. In addition, as he attempted to lead a parade in the downtown area during President Museveni’s anti-corruption walk in Kampala.

Meanwhile, the walk drove by Mr. Museveni began at around 8.30 am from the Constitution Square to Kololo Ceremonial Grounds where the headliner occurred.

However, Priests, Members of Parliament, individuals from common society associations and strict pioneers among others joined him.

“It ought to show to the individuals of Uganda that debasement can never end, except if we rout those weapons since beyond a shadow of a doubt, in a nation like Uganda it’s not defilement.

It’s outfitted burglary. What goes on is only furnished burglary and in some cases actually. I’m certain you know how frequently Mr. Museveni has attacked Bank of Uganda without the endorsement of Parliament. At one time taking more than Shs2trillion,” included the four-time presidential competitor.

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Dr. Kizza Besigye left his home which was beforehand under police attack to proceed to partake in a parallel enemy of the anti-corruption walk.

At around Mpererwe in Wakiso District, police obstructed Besigye’s vehicle and towed it back to his home.

Kampala Metropolitan Police representative Mr. Patrick Onyango said they were attempting to contain the traffic in the city however would give more insights regarding the issue with time.


“You know the traffic in the city is really awful. Also, we are attempting to contain it. Give me a chance to discover more data about the subject and I will hit you up,” Mr Onyango said.

Also, vehicles limited movements during President Museveni’s walk to Kololo in one of his countermeasures to curb corruption

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