Kenya’s Miguna Miguna clobbered, deported again

The embattled Kenyan resistant politician Miguna Miguna has today morning been deported to Dubai by Kenyan government.

Miguna who heads National Revolutionary Movement (NRM) claims he was clobbered to the ground by a undefined people at Jomo Kinyatta international airport, injected substances to both his soles, arms, hands, both sides of his ribs and basically all over my body until he passed out.

Miguna alleges in several Facebook posts that despite court orders, he was unlawfully dragged and shipped to Dubai unconscious on EK722 Emirates Airline flight in the wee Thursday hours.

“I woke up in Dubai and depots are here insisting that I must continue to London. I am sick. My ribs and body are hurting all over this is travesty of justice, he wrote on his Facebook page.

Miguna has insisted that that he will only board a plane to Kenya as a Kenyan citizen by birth as various courts have ordered

“Anyway, I have made it crystal clear to the United Arab Emirates immigration authorities that I cannot and will not fly anywhere with them except to Kenya he added.

The government argues that Miguna, who lost holds Canadian nationality, automatically lost his Kenyan citizenship by birth, which he has denied. , he has insisted that that he will only board a plane to Nairobi

He added that the Air Emirates crew that flying an unconscious and drugged man like him from Kenya to Dubai without any documents was a criminal act.
After severe injuries pain on the left side of his chest, left wrist, and other parts of the body sustained at Nairobi, he demanded to see a medical doctor at the airport who also confirmed that he was injected with anxious substances.

On Tuesday, 28th march, court ordered that Miguna be released unconditionally.

He was supposed to appear to court today March 30, 2018 on crimes of swore Raila Odinga in as The Peoples President

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