KCCA seizes Sisha in Kampala

Kampala Capital City Authority in cooperation with Uganda Revenue Authority has this Tuesday confiscated illegal drugs and chemicals from public venues in Kampala especially night hangouts.

The operation spear headed by Dr. Okello Daniel started this afternoon lead by KCCA officials among others; one Vanessa, Emily and Agaba John Paul.

A number of drug chemicals, containers, smoking pipes were confiscated from venues like; Fame Lounge and one stock shop numbered L.3-14 on Transnile Link building near Arua park, Kampala.

According to Dr. Okello Oyem Daniel, director public health and environment – KCCA’ the operation was executed in accordance to “tobacco control act as prescribed in the constitution.”

“This is meant to enhance tobacco control in the country hence implementing prescriptions of the law,” he noted before adding that the law prohibits “importation or offer of sell” of illegal drugs shisha/water piped tobacco inclusive.

He says that drugs of this nature causes “lung cancer and cardiac/heart stroke” both to active and passive smokers.

The law does not only impound “the seller” but also “tobacco addicts or smokers alongside any other worker” at the venue of scene. Hence “public sensitisation is in progress to both foreign visitors and natives” to curb the illegal act and bad habit according to one Vanessa, KCCA official.

The tobacco control operations allegedly started last week on retail shops that stock drugs and is in progress to impound other bars and restaurants around the city effectively.

Reaching Wink Lounge and Restaurant barbeque security defied opening the main entrance gate and ran away leaving KCCA police to seal of the gate as the only option.

Bubbles O’Learys Irish pub, Big Mike night bar and Casablanca bar along Acacia-Kololo road were found with nothing signaling sell of drugs. Hence these venues are likely to survive law cases regarding illegal drug selling. However, its was alleged that Casablanca’s staff realised the matter in time before KCCA invaded the venue and complied trashing anything to deal with shisha or any other illegal drugs.

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