Kawempe ”Republic” Top Officials Behind Bars on ”Foreign Land”

Republic of Uganda’s LDC court has to today remanded Kawempe “Republic President “Its Inspector General of Police” and “Chief of Intelligence” to foreign Luzira prison.

His Excellency the President of the “Republic” of Kawempe Mr Hamidu Luutu Walakira and top officials of his government have been arrested by ”their” ”neighboring country Uganda.”

According to the charge sheet, The head of state Mr Walakira (brown T-shirt) of the Neighboring Kawempe “Republic” is being charged with assault and conducting an unlawful assembly by Uganda’s Makerere hill Road based LDC court.

He (His Excellency) charged with him is Kawempe “Republic Chief of Intelligence” Victor Lukundo (blue shirt) and the Inspector General of Police Mr Musoke Elia (purple shirt).

These officials have been sent on remand to Uganda’s  top Luzira Prison amid protests from their lawyer Mr Gawaya Tegulle.

The group allegedly declared Kawempe division an independent state from Uganda protesting high level of unemployment, Corruption and dictatorship.

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